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In the Land of Giants: A Journey Through the Dark Ages

In the Land of Giants: A Journey Through the Dark Ages
A cultural exploration of the Dark Age landscapes of Britain that poses a significant question: Is the modern world simply the realization of our ancient past?

The five centuries between the end of Roman Britain and the death of Alfred the Great have left few voices save a handful of chroniclers, but Britain's "Dark Ages" can still be explored through their material remnants: architecture, books, metalwork, and, above all, landscapes.

Max Adams explores Britain's lost early medieval past by walking its paths and exploring its lasting imprint on valley, hill, and field. From York to Whitby, from London to Sutton Hoo, from Edinburgh to Anglesey, and from Hadrian's Wall to Loch Tay, each of his ten walking narratives form free-standing chapters as well as parts of a wider portrait of a Britain of fort and fyrd, crypt and crannog, church and causeway, holy well and memorial stone.

Part travelogue, part expert reconstruction, In the Land of Giants offers a beautifully written insight into the lives of peasants, drengs, ceorls, thanes, monks, knights, and kings during an enigmatic but richly exciting period of Britain’s history.

Prologue: It is written

Chapter 1. The kingdom of Dál Riata: Rothesay to Kilmartin

Interlude: Gilsland to Haltwhistle

Chapter 2. Marches: Telford to Wrexham

Interlude: Haltwhistle to Hotbank

Chapter 3. Looking for Giants: London to Sutton Hoo

Interlude: Once Brewed to Warden Hill

Chapter 4. Eda Frandsen: Falmouth to Mallaig

Interlude: A Corbridge circular

Chapter 5. Heroes: Wareham to Yatton

Interlude: Walking on the Wall on the spot

Chapter 6. Time among the Britons: Anglesey to Bardsey Island

Interlude: The Tyne: Hexham to Ovingham

Chapter 7. Sense of place: Donegal

Interlude: Ovingham to Newcastle

Chapter 8. Speed: Meigle to Canterbury

Interlude: Newcastle to Jarrow

Chapter 9. Midwinter: York to Whitby

Plate section: Giants, Ancestors, Ruins, Argonauts

Appendix One: Journey distances

Appendix Two: Timeline


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