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Medieval Britain: A Very Short Introduction

Medieval Britain: A Very Short Introduction

First published as part of the best-selling The Oxford Illustrated History of Britain, John Gillingham and Ralph A. Griffiths' Very Short Introduction to Medieval Britain covers the establishment of the Anglo-Norman monarchy in the early Middle Ages, through to England's failure to dominate the British Isles and France in the later Middle Ages. Out of the turbulence came stronger senses of identity in Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. Yet this was an age, too, of growing definition of Englishness and of a distinctive English cultural tradition.

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Chapter 1. The Norman Kings

Chapter 2. The Plantagenet Kings

Chapter 3. Politics, Law, and Religion in the Early Middle Ages

Chapter 4. The Economy in the Early Middle Ages

Chapter 5. England at War, 1290–1390

Chapter 6. Wealth, Population, and Social Change in the Later Middle Ages

Chapter 7. Still at War, 1390–1490

Chapter 8. Towards a Nation

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