Post-classical history

Terry Jones' Medieval Lives

Terry Jones' Medieval Lives

Famous for lampooning the medieval world in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Terry Jones has a real passion for and detailed knowledge of the Middle Ages. In Terry Jones' Medieval Lives, his mission is to rescue the Middle Ages from moth-eaten cliches and well-worn platitudes. Behind the stereotypes of "damsels in distress" and "knights in shining armor," there are wonderfully human stories that bring the period to life. Terry will start with the medieval archetypes—the Knight, Peasant, Damsel, Monk, Outlaw, King, Merchant, and Physician—and in the course of unravelling their role and function will introduce a host of colorful real-life characters, recreating their world by visiting key locations.


Chapter 1. PEASANT

Chapter 2. MINSTREL

Chapter 3. OUTLAW

Chapter 4. MONK


Chapter 6. KNIGHT

Chapter 7. DAMSEL

Chapter 8. KING



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