Time Line of the Trials

This is adapted from Malcolm Barber, The Trial of the Templars.

1292 Jacques de Molay becomes Grand Master of the Templars

1305 November 14, Bernard de Got becomes Pope Clement V

1306 June, King Philip the Fair forced to restore the old value of coinage

July, Jews expelled from France and their property confiscated

Autumn, Jacques de Molay arrives in the West from Cyprus

1307 September 14, Philip sends secret orders for the arrest of the Templars

September 23, Clement writes Philip saying that he is opening an inquiry into the charges against the Templars

October 13, all Templars in France arrested and imprisoned

October 19, interrogations begin in Paris

October 24, Jacques de Molay confesses to all charges

October 25, Jacques de Molay repeats his confession for the masters of the University of Paris

October 27, Pope Clement writes to King Philip protesting the arrests

November 9, Hugh de Pairaud, Templar Visitor for France, confesses to all charges

November 22, Pope Clement issues a bull calling for the arrest of Templars in all lands

December 24, Jacques de Molay is taken before the pope’s representatives and there revokes his confession

1308 February, Pope Clement suspends the Inquisition in France

Later in February, Philip asks the masters of Paris to judge his role in the arrests

March 25, in reply to his questions, the masters of theology at the University of Paris state that King Philip did not have the right to arrest the Templars

May 4-29, Philip calls the Estates-General to Tours to justify his actions, which they do; Pope Clement leaves France and settles in the papal town of Avignon

1309 Local inquiries begin, overseen by the bishops

August 8, in Paris, the papal commission opens inquiry on the order (as opposed to individual Templars)

November 22, the first hearings of the papal commissions begin

November 26, Jacques de Molay appears before the commission November 28, Jacques de Molay again appears before the commission; the commission goes on Christmas break

1310 February 3, papal commissio n again in session

March 2, Jacques de Molay appears once again; he insists that only the pope can judge him

March 14, 127 accusations read to Templars who wish to defend the order

March 28, nearly six hunderd Templars meet in Paris to defend the order

April 7, Peter of Bologna and Reginald of Provins, as spokesmen, give the defense of the order

May 12, the archbishop of Sens turns over fifty-four Templars to be burned at the stake for retracting their confessions; the defenders scatter

May 28, Peter of Bologna disappears

May 30, the papal commission decides to take an early summer holiday

November 3, papal commission reconvenes

1311 May 26, papal commission hears the final deposition

June 5, papal commission adjourns for the last time

October 11, Council of Vienne opens

Late October, seven Templars ask to be allowed to defend the order

1312 March 20, Philip the Fair and his army arrive in Vienne

March 22, Clement V reads out the bull Vox in excelso, which dissolves the order; the bull Ad providam transfers all of its property to the Hospitallers

1314 March 18, Jacques de Molay and Geoffrey of Charney assert their innocence once again and are immediately sent to burn at the stake in Paris

April 15, Guillaume de Nogaret dies

April 20, Pope Clement V dies

November 29, King Philip IV dies

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