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The Tragedy of the Templars: The Rise and Fall of the Crusader States

The Tragedy of the Templars: The Rise and Fall of the Crusader States

Founded on Christmas Day 1119 in Jerusalem, the Knights Templar was a religious order dedicated to defending the Holy Land and its Christian pilgrims in the decades after the First Crusade. Legendary for their bravery and dedication, the Templars became one of the wealthiest and most powerful bodies of the medieval world—and the chief defenders of Christian society against growing Muslim forces.
In The Tragedy of the Templars: The Rise and Fall of the Crusader States, Haag masterfully details the conflicts and betrayals that sent this faction of powerful knights spiraling from domination to condemnation.
This stirring and thoroughly researched work of historical investigation includes maps and full-color photographs of important cultural sites, many of which doubled as battlefields during the Crusades.


Prologue: Jerusalem 1187

Part I: The Middle East before the Crusades

Chapter 1. The Christian World

Chapter 2. The Arab Conquests

Chapter 3. Palestine under the Umayyads and the Arab Tribes

Chapter 4. The Abbasids and the Arab Eclipse

Chapter 5. Byzantine Crusades

Chapter 6. Muslim Wars and the Destruction of Palestine

Part II: The Turkish Invasion and the First Crusade

Chapter 7. The Turkish Invasion

Chapter 8. The Call

Chapter 9. The First Crusade

Part III: The Founding of the Templars and the Crusader States

Chapter 10. The Origins of the Templars

Chapter 11. Outremer

Chapter 12. Zengi’s Jihad

Chapter 13. The Second Crusade

Part IV: The Templars and the Defence of Outremer

Chapter 14. The View from the Temple Mount

Chapter 15. The Defence of Outremer

Chapter 16. Templar Wealth

Part V: Saladin and the Templars

Chapter 17. Tolerance and Intolerance

Chapter 18. Saladin’s Jihad

Chapter 19. The Fall of Jerusalem to Saladin

Part VI: The Kingdom of Acre

Chapter 20. Recovery

Chapter 21. The Mamelukes

Chapter 22. The Fall of Acre

Part VII: Aftermath

Chapter 23. Lost Souls

Chapter 24. The Trial

Chapter 25. The Destruction of the Templars

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