Military history

Agincourt: Henry V and the Battle That Made England

Agincourt: Henry V and the Battle That Made England

Waged almost six centuries ago, the Battle of Agincourt still captivates. It is the classic underdog story, and generations have wondered how the English-outmanned by the French six to one-could have succeeded so bravely and brilliantly. Drawing on a wide range of sources, Juliet Barker paints a gripping narrative of the October 1415 clash between the outnumbered English archers and the heavily armored French knights. Populated with chivalrous heroes, dastardly spies, and a ferocious and bold king, AGINCOURT is as earthshaking as its subject-and confirms Juliet Barker's status as both a historian and a storyteller of the first rank.

Part I: The Road to Agincourt

Chapter 1: Just Rights and Inheritances

Chapter 2: A King’s Apprenticeship

Chapter 3: A Most Christian King

Chapter 4: The Diplomatic Effort

Chapter 5: Scots and Plots

Chapter 6: “He Who Desires Peace, Let him Prepare for War”

Chapter 7: Of Money and Men

Chapter 8: The Army Gathers

Part II: The Agincourt Campaign

Chapter 9: “Fair Stood the Wind for France”

Chapter 10: Harfleur

Chapter 11: “Our Town Of Harfleur”

Chapter 12: The March To Calais

Chapter 13: Crossing The Somme

Chapter 14: The Eve Of Battle

Chapter 15: “Felas, Lets Go!”

Part III: The Aftermath of Battle

Chapter 16: The Roll of the Dead

Chapter 17: The Return of the King

Chapter 18: The Rewards of Victory



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