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Battle Story: Kohima 1944

Battle Story: Kohima 1944

Kohima was one of the most important battles in the Asian theater during World War II; find out why.

Kohima was the turning point in the Japanese invasion of India, witnessing the end of their attempt to overthrow the British Raj. It was a bitter battle fought in three stages, spanning three months, and ending with the siege of Imphal. Losses on both sides were heavy, with the Japanese suffering their greatest land defeat thus far in the war. Against the odds and an enemy who nearly refused to give in, the British Army resisted the Japanese and their victory paved the way for the reconquest of Burma. This bookexplores the historical context of this critical point in the war in Asia, the personalities of the opposing armies, and offers a blow-by-blow account of the battle.



Historical Background

The Armies

Commonwealth Forces

The Imperial Japanese Army

The Days Before Battle

The Battlefield

Opening Manoeuvres

En Route to Kohima

The Noose Tightens


FSD Hill and Kuki Piquet


The Final Onslaught

After the Battle

The Legacy

Orders of Battle

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