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Das Reich: 2nd Ss Panzer Division — Drive to Normandy June 1944

Das Reich: 2nd Ss Panzer Division — Drive to Normandy June 1944

The infamous SS Das Reich Division was resting in Montauban, South West France when the Allies invaded Normandy in June 1944. When ordered to rush North, they ran into a series of French Resistance, SAS and SOE delaying actions. This ruthless Division reacted violently and their reprisals culminated in the Massacre at Oradour. This book tells the story of those heroic and tragic days from the British, French and German viewpoints.


Chapter 1. 2nd SS Panzer Division Das Reich

Chapter 2. SOE, SAS and the French Resistance

Chapter 3. Normandy Invasion 1944

Chapter 4. Das Reich enters Maquis Country

Chapter 5. Brive and Tulle

Chapter 6. Violette Szabo

Chapter 7. Limoges

Chapter 8. Prelude to Massacre

Chapter 9. Oradour sur Glane

Chapter 10. Operation Bulbasket and the ‘Jeds’

Chapter 11. Das Reich — Rendering an account

Chapter 12. Eyewitness

Appendix I. 1st SS Panzer Regiment Special HQ Order, Department of the Lot, 10.5.44.

Appendix II. Hotels and Restaurants

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