Military history

Fighting Hitler's Jets

Fighting Hitler's Jets

Hitler's Jet Fighters Tried to Turn the Tide of World War II. They Failed (but Changed History Forever).

Chapter 1. The Air Show, November 26, 1943

Chapter 2. “What’s a Pearl Harbor?”

Chapter 3. Wonder Weapons

Chapter 4. Twin-Engine Fighters

Chapter 5. Wonder Weapons, Part II

Chapter 6. Mustang Unleashed

Chapter 7. Rocket Science

Chapter 8. The Jet Plane Boogie

Chapter 9. Mustang Men

Chapter 10. The Underground Airplane

Chapter 11. Natter

Chapter 12. P-80

Chapter 13. Arado Ar 234

Chapter 14. Marauder Man

Chapter 15. Dogfights

Chapter 16. Supersonic Speed and Super Science

Chapter 17. The Air Show, Part II


Appendix A. Aircraft

Appendix B. USAAF Aerial Victory Credits over Me 262 German Jets

Appendix C. USAAF Aerial Victory Credits over Me 163 German Aircraft in ETO

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