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Great Battles: WWII in the Pacific, Volume Three

Great Battles: WWII in the Pacific, Volume Three

This is the third book in the Great Battles Series that takes young boys directly to history's most significant fights. Rather than dry lists of dates and events, Great Battles puts young readers "in the fight," showing them which weapons, strategies and military leaders determined victory, or defeat. They will read specific details about war—from boots and bayonets to bullets and bombs—seeing history with fresh eyes and a renewed curiosity. Without realizing it, they will also learn vast amounts of geography and world history. Great Battles Volume III covers the Second World War in the Pacific. This captivating book opens with the Flying Tigers, showing readers that covertly America was fighting Japan even before Pearl Harbor was bombed. From there, in chronological order and with telling details, readers will follow the valiant fight through the Pacific, from that surprise bombing at Pearl Harbor to the "island hopping" strategy to eventual Victory Over Japan. Why is the battle of Wake Island known as "The Alamo of the Pacific"? How did the American Navy figure out that planes could take off from ships? Just what sacrifices were required of the young men, not much older than the readers themselves, who landed on jungle islands such as Guadalcanal, Saipan and Iwo Jima? After hearing about the "blood and guts" bravery of the American Marines, readers will never forget how the Allies defeated Imperial Japan. Each chapter also offers historic photographs and maps, an age-appropriate reading list, Internet resources to fuel further learning and movies that the whole family can watch. Even the most reluctant readers will be captivated by learning history through weapons, warfare and strategy. Not only will they better understand history, and they will realize exactly how wars and battles have shaped our world. The perfect primer for creating a love of history, Great Battles stokes the fires of curiosity and understanding. It also underscores the truth that "Freedom isn't free."

The Flying Tigers

Pearl Harbor

Wake Island

The Battles of Bataan and Corregidor

The Bataan Death March

The Doolittle Raid

The Battle of Midway

The Two Battles of Attu

The PT Boat



The Battle of Saipan

The Great Raid

Iwo Jima


The Yamato

Victory over Japan

Occupation of Japan

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