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Hiding in Plain Sight: Women Warriors throughout Time and Space

Hiding in Plain Sight: Women Warriors throughout Time and Space

Hiding in Plain Sight: Women Warriors throughout Time and Space takes the many, long-standing dimensions of military history, including the various modalities of warfare across cultures and periods, and integrates them with the more recent and very substantial contributions of social history, women’s history, black history, feminist theory, LGBTQ community, and other perspectives. By providing an extensive annotated bibliography of the new findings, the work provides the reader with an exciting compilation of new knowledge placed within a longstanding military historical framework, one which provides a broader study and understanding of warfare into which to put the very recent, disparate findings culled from many disciplines.

The book reaffirms that women have long been deeply embedded in the practice of warfare, not simply as victims or minor curiosities, but as important actors—tactically, strategically, in combat, and directing warfare from afar—just as their male counterparts. The concomitant amalgam also shows that certain types and patterns of warfare such as the defense of castles and fortresses, commanding a ship or a fleet, revolutionary warfare, and today’s drone and cyber-forms of warfare have been more conducive to female activity than other forms of warfare, even as women are also present in a wider variety of other broader temporal and geographical dimensions of the history of warfare.

Hiding in Plain Sight is the only extensive annotated bibliography currently available which provides such a holistic overview of recent scholarship by grounding that scholarship in the existing military canon and history.


Chapter 1. The Context of War

Chapter 2. Women’s Place in War

Chapter 3. Providing Background and Context

Chapter 4. The Wide Range of Women Warriors



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