My Friend, the Spy

Foreword by HARRY COOPER (1-LIFE-1983)

In this book, we examine probably the biggest mystery of the 20th Century and beyond…..did Adolf Hitler commit suicide in the Führerbunker or not? The world demanded to know the fate of the three leaders of the Axis powers when the war ended. There was no doubt about the fate of Italian leader ‘Il Duce’ Benito Mussolini (below left). He and his mistress were caught by Italian communists, brutally butchered and their bodies hung by the heels in a gas station. The world also knew that Japanese war leader Hideki Tojo (below right) shot himself as the Americans closed in on him, but he failed in his suicide attempt. He was nursed back to health then tried, found guilty and hanged.

But Hitler – only the Soviets were on the scene and they were sadly lacking in the sciences and refused to communicate with the West. So what did happen to Hitler? This book will tell you exactly what happened. Keep in mind that no one witnessed the alleged suicide of Adolf Hitler and his wife, Eva Braun-Hitler in the Führerbunker. The three men who told about the suicide claim that they heard shots but they did not witness any suicide – and their stories differed markedly in the description of vital details as you see here from the book “The Secret Alliance” written by S.E.I.G. Agent Michael Ivinheim. Ivinheim tells us:

1. Three SS officers entered Hitler's suite at the Reich Chancellery on the afternoon of 30 April 1945 and saw the bodies of Hitler and Eva Hitler.

2. The three officers all held the rank of SS-Sturmbannführer (Major). These persons were:


Otto Günsche, Hitler's SS adjutant.


Heinz Linge, Hitler's valet.


Erich Kempka, Hitler's driver and head of the motor pool.




3. These three officers subsequently made statements which do not coincide in the following:


The time of the occurrence.


Who was where at the time.


How the suicide was discovered.


Who entered the suite with whom.


The position of Hitler's body.


The order in which the bodies were removed and by whom.

4. The source material appears in two books:

(i) Heinz Linge: Bis zum Untergang, Wilhelm Goldmann Verlag, 1980 at p.284-288.

(ii) Erich Kempka: Die letzten Tage mit Adolf Hitler, Deutsche Verlagsgesellschaft, Preussisch-Oldendorf, 1991 at p.89-96.

(iii) In Kempka's book at p.311-313 is the statement made by Günsche in a letter to Kempka dated 1 July 1975, the year in which Kempka died.

5. In Kempka, p.93, there appears the sketch of the room in which the alleged suicides occurred. The room was rectangular, approximately 3 x 2.5 metres. Entering by the double doors from the ante-room, the visitor faced the long wall against which the sofa was located. There was an armchair either side of the sofa. Before the sofa was a table with a vase of flowers. These details are important for understanding the major discrepancy.

It may be helpful to read the Conclusion at the foot of this article first and use the three statements to confirm what the Conclusion says. Some important areas of discrepancy between the accounts are highlighted in the primary account in block.

Statement of Kempka.

(The following is condensed from 4 pages of unimportant matter.

Towards midday on 30 April 1945 I was in a little-damaged restroom in the subterranean garage. I had just come in from outside to oversee the change of shift. Half an hour later the phone rang. It was Günsche. He said he had to have 200 litres of petrol. He wanted it immediately at the entrance to the Führer-bunker. I had to stand the world on its head to get it.

I said I would have to go to the underground fuel store at the Zoo for that amount, and suggested that he wait until 1700 hrs when the Russian artillery would be quieter. Günsche said he had to have it now and hung up. I ordered my assistants to syphon out what they could find in the vehicles in the garage bunker and hurried over the rubble to the Führerbunker to find out what was going on.

I met Günsche in the annex to the situation room as he left the Führer-suite. I asked what was amiss and he said,

"The Chief is dead!"

Günsche gave me his story. He said that Bormann, Linge and he, Günsche, had heard the shot and rushed into the suite at once. The Chief had shot himself in the head with his pistol and had inclined forward over the table top. Eva Hitler had taken poison and lay at an angle against the right arm of the sofa beside him. Her right arm hung over the sofa arm and her revolver (elsewhere he says "pistol") was on the floor near her. Dr Stumpfegger had certified death. Goebbels and Axmann were also in attendance.



Immediately after this conversation Linge came out of the Führer-suite and asked where the petrol was. I had just been told by one of my staff that we had up to 180 litres ready, and so replied,

"The petrol is here!"

Seconds later the door to the suite opened again. Dr Stumpfegger and Linge carried out the body of Adolf Hitler, wrapped in a dark field blanket, through the ante-room to the corridor. Behind them followed Martin Bormann with the dead Eva Hitler. She wore a black dress, her blonde head laid back. Eva had hated Bormann in life. I said to Günsche,

"Help them carry the Chief, I will take Eva."

Then I took her body from Bormann. Her side was wet. Later Günsche told me that as Hitler fell forward over the table he had upset the vase of flowers, and probably the water had splashed her.

Halfway up the twenty bunker steps my strength failed me and Günsche came back to share the load and help me bring her dead body into the open. In their haste Dr Stumpfegger and Linge had laid Hitler about 3 metres away from the bunker entrance. Günsche and I laid Eva Hitler beside her husband.

EDITOR NOTE – Günsche was a tall and powerful man.

It was getting on for two in the afternoon (p.95 "Inzwischen war es gegen zwei Uhr nachmittags geworden"). (This was not a typographical error, for Kempka repeats it):….The cremation lasted from two o’clock in the afternoon until about 7.30 in the evening. (p.99 “Von mittags gegen 14 Uhr bus ungefähr 1930 Uhr abends dauerte die Verbrennung an.”)


Statement of Linge

After the midday meal, Eva Hitler took her leave of me. Then she spoke with Frau Goebbels while Hitler withdrew to the suite. Günsche had told me that Frau Goebbels wanted a personal interview with the Führer. I told Hitler, and he said she should come to the suite. They were alone for a while. When I entered, Hitler told me to fetch a gold Party badge from one of his uniforms and he presented it to Frau Goebbels.

Immediately after this, Hitler and I went to the waiting room where Dr Goebbels appeared and made an attempt to convince Hitler to leave Berlin. Hitler declined, shook Goebbels' hand and then returned to the suite with me. Now came the last goodbyes, with Flugkapitän Baur and Otto Günsche. Finally Hitler gave me a tired look and indicated that he was retiring for the last time. It was 1515 hrs.”

He told me, "Linge, now I am going to shoot myself," and gave me instructions on how I was to break out of Berlin. Once he went inside, I shut the door behind him.

I walked to the bunker exit, where the SS bodyguard was sitting around. As I assumed that Hitler would very soon put an end to his life, I did not stay there long, but went back to the ante-room adjacent to the suite. There I smelt the smoke from a gun having been discharged.

I did not feel I could face opening the suite door and going in alone. I went to the situation room where a group had gathered around Martin Bormann. They were unaware of what had happened. I gave Bormann a sign and asked him to accompany me to Hitler's suite. Once there I opened the door and entered, Bormann following...

Adolf and Eva Hitler were seated on the sofa. Both were dead. He had shot himself in the right temple with his 7.65 mm pistol. This, and the reserve 6.35mm pistol lay on the floor near his feet. His head was inclined a little to the wall; blood had sprayed on the carpet near the sofa. His wife sat at his right, her legs drawn up under her. She had taken cyanide. The ampoule lay on the table.

I pushed him to one side to make room to work. Bormann went out to find helpers to carry the bodies. I spread out the blankets, laid the bodies on them and wrapped them over. I did not look at Hitler's head and so I cannot say what damage the bullet inflicted.

Eva Hitler was carried out first. Kempka carried her in his arms.

I took hold below Hitler's head, two officers of the escort lifted up the body in its grey blanket. Like that we carried him out.

Outside the bunker entrance in the Reich Chancellery Park we laid him next to Eva's body in a small depression and poured petrol over them. (Describes the difficulty in lighting the pyre). The last witnesses, Bormann, Goebbels, Stumpfeger, Günsche, Kempka and I made a last Hitler salute and returned inside. I had work to do and so did not see the bodies again. I understand they were still burning at around 1930 hrs.

Statement of Günsche

At about nine in the morning of 30 April 1945, I saw Martin Bormann who informed me that Hitler and his wife intended to commit suicide that day. The Führer had ordered that their bodies be incinerated immediately after death. I was to make the arrangements.

Earlier photo of Günsche with Hitler

A little later I was summoned by the Führer. He repeated what Bormann had said, but made me responsible personally for the bodies of himself and his wife being burnt beyond recognition.

After arranging for all available petrol supplies to be brought from the garage complex in the Hermann Goering Strasse, I posted sentries of the Führer's SS-bodyguard at the entrance to the ante-room. Only Goebbels, Bormann, Burgdorf, Krebs, Rattenhuber, Mohnke, Linge, Kempka and myself had access to this ante-room immediately in front of the Führer's suite.

Adolf Hitler and his wife took their leave of various close colleagues between 1430 and 1500 hrs including Goebbels, Frau Goebbels, Bormann and Burgdorf in a room adjacent to the ante-room. Then they returned to the Führer-suite.

I stationed myself in immediate proximity to the door to Adolf Hitler's suite. A short while later the sentry at the ante-room doorway informed me that Frau Goebbels was waiting at the door and had asked to speak privately again with the Führer at once. I knocked at the inner door of the suite - (there was an outer door and inner door) - and Adolf Hitler opened it himself and said brusquely,

"What is it, Günsche?"

I told him the reason and, apparently annoyed, he went past me to where she stood in the ante-room. She begged him to leave Berlin. Hitler gave her a dismissive answer and returned at once to the suite. I closed the double doors behind him. After that nobody could, or did, enter the private suite of Adolf Hitler and his wife before their suicide.

When Bormann, Linge and I opened the double doors to Hitler's suite at 1530 hrs we saw Adolf Hitler sitting in the armchair near the divan on the left wall in front of us ("...sahen wir Adolf Hitler auf dem an der linken Wand vor uns, neben dem Divan stehenden Sessel sitzen"). He had slumped and hung over the right arm of the armchair. His head was inclined to the side. Blood was dripping from the right temple. One could see immediately that he had shot himself in the right temple with his PPK 7.65."

(This Statement, made in 1975 thirty years after the event, differs substantially from what Günsche told Kempka immediately after the event in 1945. Neither statement by Günsche concurs with what Linge stated. In this later statement, Eva Hitler was alone on the divan, and Hitler was seated in the armchair between the right side of the divan and the central heating cover with the photograph of Hitler's mother.)


You see the dilemma here. HARRY COOPER (1-LIFE-1983) is absolutely certain that Adolf Hitler did NOT die in Berlin but lived out his normal life in Argentina. On the other hand, here we have testimony of three SS officers who were in the bunker and say they saw Adolf and Eva Hitler’s dead bodies.

It’s all clear in the conclusions of S.E.I.G. Agent Michael Ivinheim which you will read on the next page.

Did Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun-Hitler die in the bunker as accepted history tells us – or is COOPER’s research accurate?

In his extensive research, interviewing people, gathering facts from S.E.I.G. Agents PIZZARRO, TIGER, SECOND SON and many others plus using the thousands of pages of documents gathered by S.E.I.G. Agent TAUCHER there can be no doubt that Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun-Hitler did not die in the Führerbunker. DON ANGEL ALCAZAR de VELASCO (158-1985) told this story and he was backed up by US Naval Intelligence Captain ROBERT THEW (333-1987). But now we look at the testimonies of three honorable SS officers and they tell that they are eye witnesses to the death of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun-Hitler in the bunker. But were they really?

Michael Ivinheim removes the riddle and again, proves that the story of the suicide in the bunker is a false trail. He tells us the following:

Here we have a charade in which three SS-officers even long after the war fail to collaborate to get their story straight regarding the events of the afternoon of 30 April 1945 in the Berlin bunker.

All three men held equal rank - SS-Sturmbannführer. Linge (left) was Hitler's valet, Günsche was Hitler's SS adjutant and Kempka Hitler's personal driver and head of the motor pool. The statements of Linge and Kempka appear in their own books listed above; Günsche's 1975 statement appears in Kempka's book. Kempka also reports what Günsche told him immediately after "Hitler shot himself".

Kemka driving Hitler and Mussolini


The account of Linge is so worded as to eliminate Günsche from the scene as from 1515 hrs. when Hitler said his last goodbye to Günsche, i.e. a quarter of an hour before he alleges that he (Linge) and Bormann entered the Führer-suite. According to Linge there was no guard posted at the doors to the Führer's suite or ante-room.

The area was deserted. At the critical time, he had absented himself and gone to the entrance to the Führer bunker for an unspecified reason. He returned to the suite area and became aware, from the odour of the burnt powder passing through the double doors to the suite that a gun had been discharged inside. He alerted Bormann in the situation room, and both men entered the Führer suite together. They saw the couple dead on the sofa. Linge says that the body of Eva Braun was carried out first. The porters were Linge and two officers of the escort, although the other accounts say Linge and Dr Stumpfegger. They laid Hitler's body next to his wife outside the bunker entrance, i.e her body was already there when Hitler's body was brought out.

In his account, Günsche reports that he posted sentries of the SS bodyguard at the entrance to the ante-room before 1430 hrs, and he stationed himself in immediate proximity to the doors to Hitler's suite, and was there at all times prior to the event. He had told Kempka in 1945 that he, Bormann and Linge all heard the shot, and this was the reason why they entered the suite together.

Linge states that he did not hear the shot, he smelled gunsmoke. He saw no SS bodyguards, nor Günsche, outside the Führer's suite and the ante-room. That was why he went to fetch Bormann.

Günsche told Kempka originally in 1945 that Hitler and Eva Hitler had died on the sofa together, and Hitler must have overturned the vase of flowers when he collapsed over the table top. By Günsche's 1975 statement, Hitler could not have overturned the vase if he had been in the armchair to the right of the divan - but even if Hitler had slumped over the tabletop from the sofa to knock over the vase, how did he get back from the tabletop to the left hand side of the sofa after he shot himself?

Kempka's account begins by saying that the body of Hitler was brought out first by Linge and Dr Stumpfegger, then came the body of Eva Hitler which he carried himself with the aid of Bormann and later Günsche. They laid the body of Eva Hitler beside her husband, whereas Linge says that he laid the body of Adolf Hitler beside his wife, and they cannot both have been right. Moreover, Kempka says that the suicides occurred before two o'clock whereas Linge and Günsche, and Bormann in a later signal to Dönitz, all have the "time of death" as being later than 3.30.

In my opinion (Ivinheim’s), these officers were all stupid, or this is an SS charade which contains a message. And that message says; you cannot believe what we say about the suicide of Adolf Hitler and his wife.


The Very Strange Death of Otto Günsche

According to S.E.I.G. Agent NIGHTINGALE, Otto Günsche (previous page) was in perfect health when he celebrated his 88th birthday. About ten days later, his housekeeper found him dead in the sauna at 9am and he had been there since the previous afternoon with the temperature set at 85º Celsius! That is about 185º Fahrenheit! Meat isn’t cooked at that high temperature. Perhaps he was ready to reveal the truth to the world. Of course, it could simply have been a heart attack as reported………

Sharkhunters was only two years old when DON ANGEL ALCAZAR de VELASCO joined as a new Member in 1985. Over the next few years, we became friendly and he became more trusting, and he told us his story. His background has been thoroughly checked and he was indeed, who he said he was – he was a spy for the Axis; first for Japan then for Germany. In addition to various confirmations, two highly trained agents, both Members of Sharkhunters, confirmed he was genuine. One of these agents was Captain ROBERT THEW (333-1987), retired as a full captain in Naval Intelligence then for many years well placed in the NSA. The other was German Abwehr agent PETER HANSEN (251-1987) photo left, who personally knew both Großadmiral Karl Dönitz and Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, the German spy chief who was executed with piano wire after the failed attempt on Hitler’s life at the Wolfsschanze.

Here at Sharkhunters in the middle to late 1980’s, we were digging deeply into the rumors of the ‘Black Boats’ that were taking escaping Germans to Argentina. We learned that the little town of Villa Garcia seen on this chart, about thirty kilometers from the port city of Vigo, Spain was a main jumping off point for former Abwehr and Party officials as well as high ranking SS officers and German scientists. The existence of the ‘Black Boats’ was confirmed early by two other Sharkhunters Members. One was an officer and the other an enlisted man. Both served on ‘Black Boats’ that went to Argentina well after the reported suicide of Adolf Hitler in late April 1945 and the German surrender in May 1945.

We were asked not to reveal their names while they were living. They have departed on their “Eternal Patrol” and we can report that they were PAUL BOCHEN (5051-1996) and KARL WALDECK (6167-2000).

BOCHEN emigrated to the United States in the 1950’s where he lived the normal American lifestyle – got a job, worked hard, was married, bought a home and lived out his life as a normal, hard working guy with a family.

WALDECK and his wife Anni moved to England where they managed large hotels for their working life. Once retired, they moved back to Austria where they lived out their retirement.

BOCHEN (seen here in 1943 – photo right) rode the “Black Boats” from late in the war until a year after the end of the war. WALDECK was attached to German destroyers at the end of the war but that was only on paper as the Kriegsmarine had no more destroyers at that time. In fact he rode a “Black Boat” on three separate patrols after the end of the war to the central Atlantic. There they met steamers and transferred their passengers to the ships. WALDECK was quick to add that he could not remember the names of any of the passengers aboard his submarine.

Our extensive research showed that at least three German U-Boats were on the high seas in the central Atlantic at the time of the surrender. First was U-530, commanded by Sharkhunters Member OTTO WERMUTH (1344-1990), surrendered at the Argentine Navy submarine base at Mar del Platte in July 1945, more than two months after the surrender order was given. Then in August 1945, about two weeks later, U-977 under command of Heinz Schäffer, surrendered at the same submarine base at the other end of the world. Both commanders said they had no knowledge that the other boat was at sea or that they were going to surrender at the very same far flung South American port. When each Skipper was asked, separately and in private, why they chose to surrender at Mar del Platte, their replies were exactly the same. They said they wanted to surrender their men at a place where they would be treated with dignity – and each claimed that they knew nothing of the other boat’s plans.

OTTO WERMUTH in Mar del plate, Argentina where he surrendered U-530 two months AFTER the German surrender.

While U-530, a long range Type IX-C submarine, had the ‘legs’ to reach Argentina, the Type VII-C submarine U-977 poses a real enigma. According to Commander Schäffer’s own report, they departed their base in Norway with only ¾ of a fuel load and went to their assigned patrol station off the British Isles. Then came the surrender order and Schäffer, according to his own book, headed back to their Norwegian base to offload the married men and with short-handed crew of the unmarried men but no additional fuel (according to his book), set out for Argentina, arriving there nearly three months later.

Even if she had full fuel load, a Type VII-C would have a tough time making that vast distance as their range is but 6,500 miles. However, despite Schaeffer’s own reports of short fuel, U-977 made it to Mar del Platte. It was Schäffer’s claim that he was able to make this long distance by remaining submerged and running on just one diesel while snorkeling. That makes no sense. I would be far more difficult to push the submerged boat with the angular structures above the deck through the water as opposed to running surfaced, thereby they would be using more fuel.

In the book “The Secret Alliance” S.E.I.G. Agent Michael Ivinheim debunks the claim of the sixty-six days running submerged.

U-977 in Mar del Plata, 3 months after the German surrender

Both WERMUTH and Schäffer claimed that they had jettisoned all forms of paperwork at sea prior to arriving Mar del Plate. However, former Abwehr agent PETER HANSEN (251-1987) was brought to Buenos Aires in 1947 to translate all the papers – that “were not aboard” these boats. And when HARRY COOPER (1-LIFE-1983) visited the submarine base at Mar del Plate in 2008, the boxes of these papers were shown to him and COOPER was told he could return any time and read these documents.

On the next page we see some of the documents that “were not aboard” either U-530 or U-977. Fortunately we have an excellent rapport with the Argentine Navy and can return if we want to.

These are just some of the documents we saw at Mar del Plate. PETER HANSEN (251-1987) tells us there is nothing earth-shattering here; that they were merely operational manuals for the various pieces of equipment aboard the submarines. That really does make sense, as we believe that any and all orders pertaining to the escape of anyone of significant rank would all be verbal.

Hitler’s Suicide A Hoax? Government Said It’s True.

When we received this very long story from Don Angel, I just couldn’t believe it. Hitler died by his own hand – that was published and accepted history and I told him so, but he insisted that his story was true. Some of his claims were easy to verify while others remained only shadows. Then the unimaginable happened – the Soviet Union evaporated! When that happened, we were able to get into the many small archives that were previously behind the ‘Iron Curtain’; the pieces began to fall into place.

Secret Bases? Secret Suicides? Too Many Secrets.

We learned about such places as ‘Basis Nord’ and ‘Feuerland’!

Basis Nord’ (Northern Bases) refers to an agreement between Germany and the Soviet Union for the German Navy (Kriegsmarine) to use secret bases on Russia’s northern coast. This included maintenance, repair and fuel facilities of the most rudimentary kind and the fuel was more or less unsuitable for the Kriegsmarine ships. It was a short-lived operation anyhow and once Germany invaded the Soviet Union with Operation BARBAROSSA, all agreements between the two nations ceased to exist.

Feuerland’ was an entirely different situation. That German word means ‘Land of fire’ and in Spanish, it is known as Tierra del Fuego and refers to the southernmost part of South America. In 1915, the German light cruiser DRESDEN made her way through the Straits of Magellan at the southern tip of South America after the cruiser squadron of Admiral Graf von Spee was wiped out in the Battle of the Falkland Islands.

On board was a young Leutnant named Wilhelm Canaris and it was his job to scout out ‘ U-Plätze’ or hidden places. He was looking for hidden harbors where ships could safely anchor and not be seen by enemy ships. In 1938, the aging battleship SCHLESWIG HOLSTEIN (photo below) retraced the route, making more detailed notes to those of Canaris in 1915. By the time of World War Two, young Leutnant Canaris was Admiral Canaris in command of the Abwehr, Germany’s Secret Service.

These harbors, these ‘U-Plätze’ had no facilities at all; they were merely places to hide a ship and personnel aboard the old battleship produced some extremely detailed specifications on each hidden harbor including the proximity to steamer lanes, to civilization and gave the prevailing wind directions, bottom characteristics, how many ships could remain in each harbor, maximum height of the masts to be concealed by the trees and much more. An example is on the next page.

Island Clarence 54º 103’S x 71º 45’W A long channel begin after Dunellon. Bay is 20 miles from Cockburn Channel, then a great bay thirty meters deep.

This chart and many other secret charts and photos appeared in the KTB Magazine that Sharkhunters publishes ten times annually.

Back to the Führerbunker. The bloodstains on the sofa where Hitler was said to have shot himself were not the same blood type as Hitler. The only person of that inner circle still living into the 21st Century was Hitler’s aide, Otto Günsche (right). He poured gasoline on the bodies – but whose bodies? He steadfastly refused to talk about that incident, and his silence speaks volumes; and his strange death also poses more questions.

Hitler was not a coward nor did he believe in giving in. Suicide was completely out of character. After he learned of the suicide of the mayor of Leipzig with his entire family, he condemned suicide as cowardly and unbecoming to a National Socialist.

His personal pilot initially stated that on the first of May 1945, he flew Hitler and Bormann to an airfield in Norway where they transferred to another aircraft and flew onward. He later retracted this story and backed the suicide story. German forces in Norway held out longer than anywhere else and we know that LEON deGRELLE (1835-1991), a Sharkhunters Member until his death, did indeed arrive in Norway aboard a minesweeper out of Copenhagen thanks to GÜNTER DIETRICH (339-1987), another Member of Sharkhunters thence aboard a plane to Spain where he lived out his life at Malaga. Norway was indeed a key.

Another glaring source is from 1959. This comes to us from S.E.I.G. Agent PIZZARRO and he tells us that after prison camp in Russia, General Hans Bauer in 1955 is back to Western Germany. Hans Bauer was chief of all airplanes of Hitler and his Staff. Bauer told in 1959 that on airfield Rechlin-Lärz on 28 to 29 April 1945 was one big airplane for long range to Argentina or Japan. He did not tell the type but the six engine JU 390-V2 had this kind of range. There were several long-range JU 290 four engine transports there as well. So in 1957 General Bauer has written one book and in this book is the same information but Bauer did not give information about the pilot and crew of this last big airplane and he never told the type of this long range airplane.

Russian troops were on 2 May 1945 on the airfield Rechlin-Lärz but these troops did not find any JU 290 and no JU 390. Possibly the JU 390-V2 was on airfield Rechlin-Lärz the last day on 30 April 1945; it is possible this big airplane was on 1 May 1945 on the German airfield in northern Norway.

EDITOR NOTE – Several charts, hand drawn by S.E.I.G. Agent PIZZARRO are found at the end of this book.

The body was found by the Soviets and the West was not allowed to inspect the body. Their level of forensic science at that time was sorely lacking indeed and the body they found was badly burned. Stalin wanted Hitler dead in the worst way, so God help the poor Soviet officer who had to tell ‘Uncle Joe’ that Hitler had given them the slip. It was in the best interest for long life that Soviet officers tell Stalin that Hitler was dead.

Marshall Zhukov did however, inform Stalin that they could find no corpse in Berlin that could be that of Adolf Hitler.

However, mere hours after the discovery of the body, one sharp eyed Soviet officer noticed that the body was wearing socks that had been mended. It was decided that surely the real Hitler would wear only new socks – socks without holes in them. Many years after the war, some Soviet officer based in Magdeburg in what was then East Germany, laughingly reported that they had Hitler’s body buried at their headquarters. Impossible! If they really did have the body of Hitler, Stalin would have been using his skull as an ash tray. The hatred between these two men was that intense.

Further proof – as late as July 1945, two months after the German surrender and finding what was claimed to be Hitler’s body in the Chancellery garden, Stalin publicly stated that Hitler was still alive and he demanded that the Americans and the British find him and turn him over. For years Stalin was afraid that the specter of Hitler would appear again at the gates of Moscow with more legions.

Shortly after we received the file from DON ANGEL, we received a visit from another Sharkhunters Member, Captain ROBERT THEW, USN (Retired). BOB was a graduate of the Naval Academy and spent his Navy career in Naval Intelligence. After he retired from the Navy, he went into America’s most secret agency, the NSA which refers to the National Security Agency rather than ‘No Such Agency’ as is jokingly stated. BOB stopped in for a visit in 1988 and we asked him if he had ever heard of DON ANGEL ALCAZAR de VELASCO. He smiled and confirmed that DON ANGEL certainly was the spy he claimed to be; but that he was such a bad spy that everyone in the spook world knew that he was a spy.

I told BOB about the file that DON ANGEL had sent to us and said that this guy must be nuts! DON ANGEL said that Martin Bormann and also Hitler did not die in Berlin. I said that everyone knows that Hitler killed himself in the bunker. I remember BOB’s reply as if it were yesterday. He sat on our sofa and as calmly as if he were asking for another cup of coffee, he said;

“We knew Hitler wasn’t dead in Berlin.”

This was a shock, so I asked him who he meant when he said ‘we’ knew that Hitler wasn’t dead, and he said;

“The Intelligence agencies. Every time we tracked down a high ranking Party official, an SS officer or Abwehr agent in the 1940’s or early 1950’s, the first thing we grilled him on was – where is Hitler?”

If Adolf Hitler killed himself in Berlin as the official history tells us, then why were the world’s spy services still looking for him into the middle 1950’s? Why did Stalin continue to claim that Hitler did not die in Berlin? Could it be that the story of the suicide was made up to cover the failure of the Soviets to find Hitler? There is another possibility why this was kept from the public. Now in the early 21st Century we are finding hints of possibilities that a trade off was made to allow Hitler to escape in exchange for a huge amount of German technology, including nuclear weapons, that would otherwise been lost or worse yet, gone to the Soviets. At this point, this merely was theory, but a lot of Intel was pointing in that direction and we were digging.

We must remember that official government sources state definitely that Hitler committed suicide in the Führerbunker and that the body found not far from the Chancellery some years later was indeed Martin Bormann.

One must wonder that with the tens of thousands of skeletal remains still in Berlin, why anyone would even think to check if that body or any other body in Berlin, was that of Martin Bormann – unless they needed to put an end to any speculation. The bodies were all skeletons and all looked alike by the time the one alleged to be that of Bormann was “found”, so why would this one particular body be suspected as that of the Party Secretary unless it was necessary to put an end to some stories of the Reich?

Naturally, we must believe what the governments tell us, right? We must believe that John F. Kennedy was shot by a single madman using a worthless rifle and a ‘magic bullet’. Nobody with any sense believes that story but the Warren Commission tells us that this is the truth. Former President Gerald Ford was on that Commission, and someone once said of Ford that he could not chew gum and urinate at the same time – but this was the official government finding. We must believe it because the government says we must. Let us not forget the Gulf of Tonkin incident in which an American warship was fired upon by two gunboats, thereby sending the United States into the Vietnam War only to learn years later that this was a contrived fictional event that didn’t happen. The list of lies by the world’s governments could fill a massive book – actually an entire library of books………….but you already know that.

Did Hitler die in the Führerbunker? Did he escape to South America? After you read this book, your questions will be answered.

Sharkhunters’ Credits

Founded in 1983, Sharkhunters International is recognized as the only official worldwide publication source of information on German U-Boat history. The U-Boat Skippers, officers and many crewmen worked with Sharkhunters to give their knowledge and their memories so that the real history will continue. Sharkhunters has done productions for various television shows including the History Channel as well as assisting many authors write highly accurate and well acclaimed books.

Aside from the U-Boat Archive in Germany, the Sharkhunters U-Boat Archive is the world’s largest.

BBC reporter Graham Pound stated that Sharkhunters are:

“The most respected and most authoritative source in the world for U-Boat history.”

Reporter Adam Harcourt-Webster said that;

“Sharkhunters are THE experts on the U-Boats.”

In addition, Sharkhunters has helped many authors with their works:

“Operation Drumbeat” by Professor Michael Gannon

“Torpedoes in the Gulf” by Melanie Wiggins

“Critical Mass” by Carter Hydrick

“Hitler’s Ashes” by Col. Howard Buechner

… name just a few. These authors were all Sharkhunters Members.

Sharkhunters has also assisted in productions for:

The History Channel

Ghost Hunters International


A work of this magnitude cannot possibly be accomplished by one man. It takes a great team who constantly dig for hidden files and personal memories of a time most only know from history books and movies, most not even close to historical truths.

Naturally, I must make a large dedication to my wife and kids, Kay, Meaghan and Sean. They didn’t see much of me while I was putting this work together. Another sincere thanks goes to the veterans who helped with their input. But we have other ‘spooks’ to thank:

PAUL BOCHEN (5051-1996), seen here in 1943, was a radioman in the U-Bootwaffe from 1941 until 1945. In 1943, he was in Vigo, Spain and in 1945 was aboard his “Black Boat” in South America.

ERICH GIMPEL (884-1988) (photo right) was Abwehr Agent #146 out of more than 20,000 agents. He was caught, tried and sentenced to death by hanging. Roosevelt’s death just three days before his date with death saved him. In March 2010, he celebrated his 100th birthday.

KARL WALDECK (6167-2000) was a petty officer aboard a boat that made three trips after the end of the war with ‘special’ passengers from Villa Garcia to the Sargasso Sea where they put these passengers aboard steamers for the rest of the journey to Argentina.

S.E.I.G. Agent SECOND SON, best on the 3rd Reich in Argentina.

S.EIG. Agent TIGER, liaison with Second Son and a good researcher.

S.E.I.G. Agent REMBRANDT, retired ‘spook’ from the Netherlands who turned up a great deal for us from the Dutch archives.

S.E.I.G. Agent TAUCHER, a tireless researcher who has uncovered a lot.

S.E.I.G. Agent PIZZARRO – without question, the most prolific and valuable of our agents who has found and contributed an incredible amount of data.

We also remember S.E.I.G. Agent NIGHTENGALE who personally knew so many of the men of the old Reich and gave us much inside information. She was INGRID SCHARFELBERG (3308-1993) who sadly was killed 17 February 2013 in a suspicious fall in her hotel.

Without our S.E.I.G. Agents, including Captain BOB THEW and PETER HANSEN, our research would be incredibly more difficult.

There is another S.E.I.G. Agent who does not figure into this book but in the follow up book, “The Secret Alliance”, MICHAEL IVINHEIM sent some critically important information.

The 2nd of the Hitler Escape trilogy, this book lays the groundwork that made such escapes possible.


A huge THANK YOU to Sharkhunters Members JACK GOODIER (127-LIFE-1985) and CHARLES ENTENMANN (3331-LIFE-1993) for their generous financial support! If not for them and their critically needed help, we could not have gone to Argentina (four times) and to Brazil (once so far) and therefore, none of this would have been accomplished. JACK and CHARLIE; thank you to the max!

Argentina Influence

Before getting into the meat of this story, look at these WW II photos, taken in 1941. Good looking German troops, right?

But these were not German Wehrmacht – these were Argentina Army troops with uniforms, equipment and training from the German military; in 1941. Maybe there really IS more to this story…….read on.

Now turn the page and we begin reading the report from DON ANGEL.

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