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A Job To Do: New Zealand Soldiers Of 'The Div' Write About Their World War Two

A Job To Do: New Zealand Soldiers Of 'The Div' Write About Their World War Two

What was it really like for the soldiers of 2 New Zealand Division in the Second World War? How did they spend their time and how did they see their lives as servicemen, from training at home and sailing off to war, to setting up camp, relaxing off - duty, fighting in hostile environments and possibly being taken prisoner? This anthology is a personal selection of material describing the experiences of these men, with the great majority of the collection written from within its ranks. Colloquially known to its members as 'The Div', it was by far the major part of New Zealand's Second Expeditionary Force. In this book John Gordon presents a lively and illuminating selection of the published words of members of 'The Div' or those with close associations. The chosen extracts are drawn from memoirs, fiction, verse, news reports and magazine articles penned by soldiers of all ranks. The result is a compilation of the written views and experiences of over 80 insiders, creating an intimate glimpse of life and war within 'The Div'. From the declaration of war to the return home, this is a sample of the experiences of well over 100,000 New Zealand men who served in the Division: how they coped with discipline and disaster, sacrifice and success. They write with the same frankness, humour, wry cynicism and understatement that they used to cope with the challenges of their war.

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Chapter 1. Peace to War

Chapter 2. Greece

Chapter 3. Crete

Chapter 4. Cairo and Maadi

Chapter 5. The Western Desert

Chapter 6. El Alamein

Chapter 7. The Diamond Track to Tripoli

Chapter 8. Tunisia

Chapter 9. Going Home

Chapter 10. The Grim Digs

Chapter 11. The Officers

Chapter 12. Early Italy

Chapter 13. Cassino

Chapter 14. Beyond Rome

Chapter 15. The Rivers North

Chapter 16. Endings

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