A&AEE – Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment

A – Attack

AA – Anti-Aircraft/Ack-Ack

AAA – Anti-Aircraft Artillery/Triple A

AB – Air Base

AC – Air Corps

AAF – Army Airfield

AAF – Army Air Forces

ACC – Army Cooperation Command

ACG – Air Commando Group

ADC- Air Defense Command

AE – Air Efficiency award

AF – Air Field/Air Force

AFDU – Air Fighting Development Unit

AFRes – Air Force Reserve

AFFTC – Air Force Flight Test Center

AMC – Air Materiel Command

AN – Army and Navy

AN/APS – Airborne Search and Detection Radars

ANG – Air National Guard

APO – Army Post Office

ARDC – Air Research and Development Command

ATSC – Air Technical Service Command

Bandit – enemy aircraft

Bf – Bayerische Flugzeugwerke (Messerschmitt)

Big Friends – Allied bombers

Bogie – enemy fighter

BPC – British Purchasing Commission

Brother Agate – SRC-522 radio (ground-based)

CAC – Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation

cal – calibre

CBI – China-Burma-India Theatre of Operations

CG – Composite Group

C-ACW – Chinese-American Composite Wing

C.O. – commanding officer

cu. – cubic

DA – Defense Air/Department of the Army

Deck – ground

DOD – Department of Defense

E/A or e/a – enemy aircraft

EAME – European-African-Middle Eastern Theatre of Operations

ETO – European Theatre of Operations

F – Fighter, ‘Foto’, Photographic Reconnaissance

FAB – Fuerza Aérea Boliviana

FAD – Fuerza Aérea Dominicana

FAG – Fuerza Aérea Guatemalteca

FAS – Fuerza Aérea Salvadoreña

FBG – Fighter-Bomber Group

FBS – Fighter-Bomber Squadron

FBW – Fighter-Bomber Wing

FC – Fighter Command

FEAF – Far East Air Forces

FFAR – folding-fin aerial rocket

FG – Fighter Group

FIG – Fighter Interceptor Group

FIS – Fighter Interceptor Squadron

FIW – Fighter Interceptor Wing

Foto Joe – Photographic Reconnaissance aircraft

F/O – flight officer

FS – Fighter Squadron

FTG – Fighter Training Group

FTS – Fighter Training Squadron

FTW – Fighter Training Wing

ft – feet

FW – Fighter Wing

Fw – Focke-Wulf

GAC – General Aviation Corporation

Gal. – gallon

GAMC – General Aviation Manufacturing Corporation

GB – Great Britain

GR – Groupe de Reconnaissance

HQ – Headquarters

HVAR – high velocity aerial rocket

IFF – identification of friend or foe

in. – inch

IRAN – Inspect, Repair as Necessary

KIA – killed in action

km – kilometre

kit. – knot

lb – pound

lbs – pounds

Little Friends – Allied fighters/pursuits

Luftwaffe – German Air Force

m – metre

MAP – Military Assistance Programme/Ministry of Aircraft Production

MAAF – Mediterranean Allied Air Forces

MASAF – Mediterranean Allied Strategic Air Force

MC – Materiel Command

Me – Messerschmitt

mi. – mile

MIA – missing in action

Mk. – Mark

Mm – millimetre

MOD – Ministry of Defence

mph – miles per hour

MTO – Mediterranean Theatre of Operations

MX – Materiel, Experimental

NA – North American

NAA – North American Aviation

NACA – National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics

NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration

n.m. – nautical miles

OBE – Order of the British Empire

P – Pursuit airplane

PG – Pursuit Group

port – left

PS – Pursuit Squadron

PRG – Photographic Reconnaissance Group

PRS – Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron

PRW – Photographic Reconnaissance Wing

PTO – Pacific Theatre of Operations

RAE – Royal Aircraft Establishment

RAF – Royal Air Force

RAAF – Royal Australian Air Force

Ramrod – Bomber Escort Mission

RCAF – Royal Canadian Air Force

RF – Reconnaissance Fighter

RNZAF – Royal New Zealand Air Force

ROK – Republic of Korea

ROKAF – Republic of Korea Air Force

rpm – revolutions per minute

R-R – Rolls-Royce

SAC – Strategic Air Command

SAF – Swiss Air Force

SAAF – South African Air Force

SCR – Set, Complete, Radio

Starboard – right

SWPA – South-West Pacific Area

SWPTO – Southwest Pacific Theatre of Operations

TAC – Tactical Air Command

TEMCO – aka Temco – Texas Engineering and Manufacturing Company

TF – Trainer Fighter

TP – Trainer Pursuit

UK – United Kingdom

Uncle Dog – SCR-522 radio (airborne)

US – United States

USA – United States of America

USAAC – US Army Air Corps

USAAF – US Army Air Forces

USAF – US Air Force

VE – Victory in Europe

VIP – Very Important Person

VJ – Victory in Japan

WEP – War Emergency Power

X – Experimental

XP – Experimental Pursuit

yds – yards

Zeke – official code name for Mitsubishi A6M

Zero – unofficial nickname for Mitsubishi A6M

ZI – Zone of the Interior (United States)

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