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The 900 Days: The Siege Of Leningrad

The 900 Days: The Siege Of Leningrad

The Nazi siege of Leningrad from 1941 to 1944 was one of the most gruesome episodes of World War II. Nearly three million people endured it; just under half of them died. For twenty-five years the distinguished journalist and historian Harrison Salisbury pieced together this remarkable narrative of villainy and survival, in which the city had much to fear-from both Hitler and Stalin.


Part I - The Night Without End

Chapter 1. The White Nights

Chapter 2. Not All Slept

Chapter 3. The Fateful Saturday

Chapter 4. The Night Wears On

Chapter 5. Dawn, June 22

Chapter 6. What Stalin Heard

Chapter 7. What Stalin Believed

Chapter 8. Cloudless Skies

Chapter 9. A Matter of Detail

Chapter 10. On the Distant Approaches

Chapter 11. The Red Arrow Pulls In

Chapter 12. Even the Dead

Part II - The Summer War

Chapter 13. The Dark Days

Chapter 14. Zhdanov in Action

Chapter 15. The White Swans

Chapter 16. The Red Army Retreats

Chapter 17. The First Days

Chapter 18. The Luga Line

Chapter 19. The Luga Line Crumbles

Chapter 20. The Enemy at the Gates

Chapter 21. Stalin on the Phone

Chapter 22. The Tallinn Disaster

Chapter 23. The Russian Dunkirk

Chapter 24. The Northern Crisis

Chapter 25. The Last Days of Summer

Chapter 26. Will the City Be Abandoned?

Part III - Leningrad in Blockade

Chapter 27. The Circle Closed

Chapter 28. The Blood-Red Clouds

Chapter 29. Not All Were Brave

Chapter 30. A Hard Nut to Crack

Chapter 31. Zhukov in Command

Chapter 32. Blow Up the City!

Chapter 33. “ They’re Digging In! ”

Chapter 34. The King’s Fortress

Chapter 35. Deus Conservat Omnia

Chapter 36. Seven Men Knew

Part IV - The Longest Winter

Chapter 37. “When Will the Blockade Be Lifted?”

Chapter 38. The Road of Life

Chapter 39. The City of Death

Chapter 40. The Sleds of the Children

Chapter 41. A New Kind of Crime

Chapter 42. The City of Ice

Chapter 43. The Leningrad Apocalypse

Chapter 44. “T” Is for Tanya

Chapter 45. The Ice Road to the Mainland

Chapter 46. Death, Death, Death

Part V - Breaking the Iron Ring

Chapter 47. Again, Spring

Chapter 48. Operation Iskra

Chapter 49. The 900 Days Go On

EPILOGUE: Chapter 50. The Leningrad Affair

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