Military history

The American Military: A Narrative History

The American Military: A Narrative History

The American Military: A Narrative History presents a comprehensive introduction to more than four centuries of American military history.

  • Presents a chronological account of American military history from clashes between militias and Native Americans to 21st-century operations in Afghanistan and Iraq
  • Features personal vignettes to put a human face on armed conflict
  • Addresses patterns of national service, the evolution of civil-military relations, and the advent of all-volunteer forces
  • Puts events in historical context, and considers cultural, social, political, economic, and technological developments

Prologue: Freedom Is Not Free

Chapter 1: An Uncommon Defense (1607–1775)

Chapter 2: War for Independence (1775–1787)

Chapter 3: Establishing the Military (1787–1812)

Chapter 4: Mr. Madison's War (1812–1815)

Chapter 5: The Martial Republic (1815–1846)

Chapter 6: The Forces of Manifest Destiny (1846–1860)

Chapter 7: The Blue and the Gray (1860–1865)

Chapter 8: Twilight of the Indian Wars (1865–1890)

Chapter 9: A Rising Power (1890–1914)

Chapter 10: The War to End All Wars (1914–1918)

Chapter 11: Out of the Trenches (1918–1941)

Chapter 12: Fighting World War II (1941–1945)

Chapter 13: A Cold War Begins (1945–1964)

Chapter 14: The Tragedy of Vietnam (1964–1975)

Chapter 15: A New Military (1975–2001)

Chapter 16: Global War on Terror (2001–present)

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