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The Atlantic and Its Enemies: A History of the Cold War

The Atlantic and Its Enemies: A History of the Cold War

After World War II, the former allies were saddled with a devastated world economy and traumatized populace. Soviet influence spread insidiously from nation to nation, and the Atlantic powers—the Americans, the British, and a small band of allies—were caught flat-footed by the coups, collapsing armies, and civil wars that sprung from all sides. The Cold War had begun in earnest


Chapter 1: The War of the British Succession

Chapter 2: Cold War

Chapter 3: Marshall

Chapter 4: The NATO System

Chapter 5: Communism in China

Chapter 6: The World at the Death of Stalin

Chapter 7: Khrushchev

Chapter 8: Europe and the Wider World

Chapter 9: Europe 1958

Chapter 10: The Sixties

Chapter 11: Berlin-Cuba-Vietnam

Chapter 12: America in Vietnam

Chapter 13: Nixon in China

Chapter 14: Unravelling

Chapter 15: 1968: A Generation

Chapter 16: Atlantic Crisis 1974-1979

Chapter 17: ‘The British Disease’

Chapter 18: Europe: The Phoenix Flops

Chapter 19: The Kremlin Consolations

Chapter 20: Reaction

Chapter 21: Atlantic Recovery: ‘Reagan and Thatcher’

Chapter 22: Reagan

Chapter 23: Brumaire: Two Coups

Chapter 24: The Eighties

Chapter 25: Floréal

Chapter 26: Chichikov

Chapter 27: Restoration

Chapter 28: ‘Ending History’

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