Military history

The Civil War in 500 Photographs

The Civil War in 500 Photographs

The narrative of the Civil War, fought from 1861 to 1865, is familiarly to almost all Americans, from Presidential candidate Abraham Lincoln's noble declaration that "the government cannot endure permanently half-slave, half-free" to Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee's surrender at Appomattox. Yet the details of the battles and battlefields, the political maneuverings, and the personalities who defined the war continue to fascinate citizens of all ages.


Chapter 1. A Growing Fissure

Chapter 2. 1861: Brother Against Brother

Chapter 3. I Have Entered the Ranks

Chapter 4. 1862: A Country Torn Asunder

Chapter 5. The War on Water

Chapter 6. 1863: The Turning Point

Chapter 7. The Home Front

Chapter 8. 1864: The Collapse of the Confederacy

Chapter 9. 1865: A New Birth of Freedom


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