Military history

The Crusades Through Arab Eyes

The Crusades Through Arab Eyes

The author has combed the works of contemporary Arab chronicles of the Crusades, eyewitnesses, and often participants. He retells their story and offers insights into the historical forces that shape Arab and Islamic consciousness today.


PART ONE. INVASION (1096 – 1100)

Chapter 1. The Franj Arrive

Chapter 2. An Accursed Maker of Armour

Chapter 3. The Cannibals of MaÝarra

PART TWO. OCCUPATION (1100 – 1128)

Chapter 4. Tripoli’s Two Thousand Days

Chapter 5. Turban-Clad Resistance

PART THREE. RIPOSTE (1128 – 1146)

Chapter 6. The Damascus Conspiracies

Chapter 7. An Emir Among Barbarians

PART FOUR. VICTORY (1146 – 1187)

Chapter 8. NÙr al-DÐn, the Saint-King

Chapter 9. The Rush for the Nile

Chapter 10. The Tears of Saladin

PART FIVE. REPRIEVE (1187 – 1244)

Chapter 11. The Impossible Encounter

Chapter 12. The Perfect and the Just

PART SIX. EXPULSION (1244 – 1291)

Chapter 13. The Mongol Scourge

Chapter 14. God Grant That They Never Set Foot There Again!


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