Military history

The Forever War

The Forever War

We witness the rise of the Taliban in the 1990s, the aftermath of the attack on New York on September 11th, and the American wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. 

Prologue: Hells Bells

Part One: Kabul, Afghanistan, September 1998

Chapter 1: Only This

Chapter 2: Forebodings

Chapter 3: Jang

Part Two: Baghdad, Iraq, March 2003–

Chapter 4: Land of Hope and Sorrow

Chapter 5: I Love You

Chapter 6: Gone Forever

Chapter 7: A Hand in the Air

Chapter 8: A Disease

Chapter 9: The Man Within

Chapter 10: Kill Yourself

Chapter 11: Pearland

Chapter 12: The Vanishing World

Chapter 13: Just Talking

Chapter 14: The Mahdi

Chapter 15: Proteus

Chapter 16: The Revolution Devours Its Own

Chapter 17: The Labyrinth

Chapter 18: Fuck Us

Chapter 19: The Boss

Chapter 20: The Turning

Chapter 21: The Departed

Epilogue: Laika


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