Military history

The Gathering Storm

The Gathering Storm

Winston Churchill was not only a statesman and leader of historic proportions, he also possessed substantial literary talents. These two factors combine to make The Gathering Storma unique work. The first volume of Churchill's memoirs, this selection is broken into two parts. The first, From War to War,consists of Churchill's critical observations on the settlement of World War I and its place in the causes of the Second World War. The second volume contains letters and memoranda from the British government-of which Churchill was part-as the country plunged unprepared into war. This stands as the best of history: written as it was made, by the man who made it.

Book One: From War to War 1919–1939

Chapter 1: The Follies of the Victors

Chapter 2: Peace at Its Zenith 1922–1931

Chapter 3: Lurking Dangers

Chapter 4: Adolf Hitler

Chapter 5: The Locust Years, 1931–1935

Chapter 6: The Darkening Scene, 1934

Chapter 7: Air Parity Lost, 1934–1935

Chapter 8: Challenge and Response, 1935

Chapter 9: Problems of Air and Sea, 1935–1939

Chapter 10: Sanctions Against Italy, 1935

Chapter 11: Hitler Strikes

Chapter 12: The Loaded Pause—Spain

Chapter 13: Germany Armed, 1936–1938

Chapter 14: Mr. Eden at the Foreign Office. His Resignation

Chapter 15: The Rape of Austria, February, 1938

Chapter 16: Czechoslovakia

Chapter 17: The Tragedy of Munich

Chapter 18: Munich Winter

Chapter 19: Prague, Albania, and the Polish Guarantee, January–April, 1939

Chapter 20: The Soviet Enigma

Chapter 21: On the Verge

Book Two: The Twilight War September 3, 1930 — May 10, 1940

Chapter 1: War

Chapter 2: The Admiralty Task

Chapter 3: The Ruin of Poland

Chapter 4: War Cabinet Problems

Chapter 5: The Front in France

Chapter 6: The Combat Deepens

Chapter 7: The Magnetic Mine

Chapter 8: The Action off the River Plate

Chapter 9: Scandinavia, Finland

Chapter 10: A Dark New Year

Chapter 11: Before the Storm

Chapter 12: The Clash at Sea

Chapter 13: Narvik

Chapter 14: Trondheim

Chapter 15: Frustration in Norway

Chapter 16: Norway: The Final Phase

Chapter 17: The Fall of the Government


First Lord’s Minutes


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