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The History Buff's Guide to World War II

The History Buff's Guide to World War II

At a cost of sixty million lives, the largest war in the history of the world devoured cities, gave birth to horrific new weapons, and involved the three worst mass murderers of all time. It also gave rise to some of the finest acts of courage, sacrifice, and lasting change ever to benefit human civilization.
World War II stands as the most important event of the modern age, but it is often the most misunderstood. Was it inevitable? Could the Axis have won? Was D-Day the largest invasion ever? Who was the greatest military commander? The worst?
Thomas R. Flagel unveils the big picture by using detailed top-ten lists, ranking the best, worst, first, and most significant elements of the largest and deadliest conflict in history. The Gathering Storm What caused the war, what made it span the globe and what did people do to try and stop it from coming. Politics The most influential speeches, the worst tyrants, and the most important acts of government. Military Life The world of unsung soldiers, what they ate, how they lived, and how they died. The Home Front Civilians and the hardships they endured, the songs they sang, and the ways they fought back. In Retrospect The best commanders, worst mistakes, most decisive battles, and greatest heroines. Perusing the War The best avenues for time travel, including historic sites, activities, genealogy, books, and film. From the rise of Adolf Hitler to the fall of Hiroshima and beyond, "The History Buff's Guide(TM) to World War II" brings a new and compelling perspective to an epoch that fractured the past and formed our world today.


Chapter 1: “The Gathering Storm”

Top Ten Wars Before the War

Top Ten Attempts at Diplomacy

Top Ten Causes of the War

Chapter 2: Politics

Top Ten Forms of Government

Top Ten Events in Politics

Top Ten Speeches

Top Ten Similarities Between Stalin and Hitler

Chapter 3: Military Life

Top Ten Largest Armed Forces

Top Ten Weapons

Top Ten Items in a Soldier’s Diet

Top Ten Causes of Military Deaths

Top Ten Most Significant Battles: Europe and North Africa

Top Ten Most Significant Battles: Asia and the Pacific

Chapter 4: Home Front

Top Ten Hardships

Top Ten Forms of Resistance

Top Ten Alternate Names for the War

Top Ten Songs

Chapter 5: In Retrospect

Top Ten Firsts

Top Ten Best Military Commanders

Top Ten Worst Military Commanders

Top Ten Military Blunders

Top Ten Heroines

Top Ten Reasons the Allies Won

Chapter 6: Pursuing The War

Top Ten General Histories

Top Ten Films

Top Ten Popular Myths and Misconceptions

Top Ten Historic Sites

Top Ten Ways to Get Involved


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