Military history

The Origins of the Russo-Japanese War

The Origins of the Russo-Japanese War

The Russo-Japanese war of 1904-5 has been seen as the turning point of the development of the modern world. Written by a specialist in Japanese diplomacy, this book has been described by the Times Higher Education Supplement as 'diplomatic history at its very best'.


Chapter 1. The First Russo-Japanese Confrontation (1894-97)

Chapter 2. The Far Eastern Crisis (1897-98)

Chapter 3. The Road to the Open Door (1898-1900)

Chapter 4. Confusion in China (1900)

Chapter 5. Manchuria under Boxers and Russians (1900-1901)

Chapter 6. Japan Resists over Manchuria (October 1900-June 1901)

Chapter 7. After the Peking Protocol (July-December 1901)

Chapter 8. Kurino, Komura and Korea (1902-3)

Chapter 9. Russo-Chinese Convention and Its Aftermath (1902-3)

Chapter 10. Japan’s Search for Consensus (1903)

Chapter 11. Russia’s New Course and Renegotiation with China (1903)

Chapter 12. Diplomatic Inactivity (September–November 1903)

Chapter 13. Final Negotiations – Climax and beyond (1903-4)

Chapter 14. Final Negotiations – An Adversarial Coda (1904)

Chapter 15. International Efforts for Peace (1903-4)


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