Military history

The Red Army At War

The Red Army At War

What was life in the Red Army like for the ordinary soldier during the Great Patriotic War, the fight between the Soviet Union and Germany on the Eastern Front? How far is the common perception of Red Army heroism and sacrifice borne out by historical reality? And what was the daily experience of the individual soldier caught up in this immense and ruthless conflict?

The 160 contemporary photographs from the Russian archives that have been selected for this book give a striking insight into all sides of wartime service for the Soviet soldier. The whole range of military experience is portrayed here, from recruitment and the rigors of training to transport, marching and the ordeal of combat.

Chapter 1. Drafting

Chapter 2. Training

Chapter 3. Marching

Chapter 4. Entertainment

Chapter 5. Food

Chapter 6. Sleeping

Chapter 7. Preparing for Combat

Chapter 8. Supplying the Front Line

Chapter 9. Weapons Maintenance

Chapter 10. Letters Home and to the Front

Chapter 11. Political Work and Propaganda

Chapter 12. Personal Hygiene

Chapter 13. Decorations

Chapter 14. Women at the Front

Chapter 15. Medical Services

Chapter 16. Going Home

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