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The Storm of War: A New History of the Second World War

The Storm of War: A New History of the Second World War

From "Britain's finest military historian" (The Economist) comes a magisterial new history of World War II and the flawed axis strategy that led to their defeat.

The Second World War lasted for 2,174 days, cost $1.5 trillion, and claimed the lives of more than 50 million people. What were the factors that affected the war's outcome? Why did the Axis lose? And could they, with a different strategy, have won? Andrew Roberts's acclaimed new history has been hailed as the finest single-volume account of this epic con?ict. From the western front to North Africa, from the Baltic to the Far East, he tells the story of the war—the grand strategy and the individual experience, the cruelty and the heroism—as never before.

In researching this magnificently vivid history, Roberts walked many of the key battlefields and wartime sites in Russia, France, Italy, Germany, and the Far East, and drew on a number of never-before-published documents, such as a letter from Hitler's director of military operations explaining the reasoning behind the Führer's order to halt the Panzers outside Dunkirk—a delay that enabled British forces to evacuate. Roberts illuminates the principal actors on both sides and analyzes how they reached critical decisions. He also presents the tales of many little-known individuals whose experiences form a panoply of the extraordinary courage and self-sacrifice, as well as the terrible depravity and cruelty, of the Second World War.

Meticulously researched and masterfully written, The Storm of War gives a dramatic account of this momentous event and shows in remarkable detail why the war took the course it did.

Prelude: The Pact

Part I - Onslaught

Chapter 1. Four Invasions: September 1939–April 1940

Chapter 2. Führer Imperator: May–June 1940

Chapter 3. Last Hope Island: June 1940–June 1941

Chapter 4. Contesting the Littoral: September 1939–June 1942

Chapter 5. Kicking in the Door: June–December 1941

Chapter 6. Tokyo Typhoon: December 1941–May 1942

Part II - Climacteric

Chapter 7. The Everlasting Shame of Mankind: 1939–1945

Chapter 8. Five Minutes at Midway: June 1942–October 1944

Chapter 9. Midnight in the Devil’s Gardens: July 1942–May 1943

Chapter 10. The Motherland Overwhelms the Fatherland: January 1942–February 1943

Chapter 11. The Waves of Air and Sea: 1939–1945

Chapter 12. Up the Wasp-Waist Peninsula: July 1943–May 1945

Part III - Retribution

Chapter 13. A Salient Reversal: March–August 1943

Chapter 14. The Cruel Reality: 1939–1945

Chapter 15. Norman Conquest: June–August 1944

Chapter 16. Western Approaches: August 1944–March 1945

Chapter 17. Eastern Approaches: August 1943–May 1945

Chapter 18. Land of the Setting Sun: October 1944–September 1945

Conclusion: Why Did the Axis Lose the Second World War?

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