Military history

The White War: Life and Death on the Italian Front 1915-1919

The White War: Life and Death on the Italian Front 1915-1919

This is the story of the First World War in Italy, a war that gave birth to fascism. Mussolini fought in these trenches, as did most of his collaborators. But so did many of the greatest modernist writers in Italian and German - Ungaretti, Gadda, Musil.

Introduction: ‘Italians! Go back!’

Chapter 1: A Mania for Expansion

Chapter 2: ‘We Two Alone’

Chapter 3: Free Spirits

Chapter 4: Cadorna’s Clenched Fist

Chapter 5: The Solemn Hour Strikes

Chapter 6: A Gift from Heaven

Chapter 7: Walls of Iron, Clouds of Fire

Chapter 8: Trento and Trieste!

Chapter 9: From Position to Attrition

Chapter 10: The Dreaming Barbarian

Chapter 11: Walking Shapes of Mud

Chapter 12: Year Zero

Chapter 13: A Necessary Holocaust?

Chapter 14: The Return Blow

Chapter 15: Victory’s Peak

Chapter 16: Starlight from Violence

Chapter 17: Whiteness

Chapter 18: Forging Victory

Chapter 19: Not Dying for the Fatherland

Chapter 20: The Gospel of Energy

Chapter 21: Into a Cauldron

Chapter 22: Mystical Sadism

Chapter 23: Another Second of Life

Chapter 24: The Traitor of Carzano

Chapter 25: Caporetto: The Flashing Sword of Vengeance

Chapter 26: Resurrection

Chapter 27: From Victory to Disaster

Chapter 28: End of the Line

Appendix: Free from the Alps to the Adriatic


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