Military history

The Iraq War

The Iraq War

The 2003 Iraq war remains among the most mysterious armed conflicts of modernity. In The Iraq War, John Keegan offers a sharp and lucid appraisal of the military campaign, explaining just how the coalition forces defeated an Iraqi army twice its size and addressing such questions as whether Saddam Hussein ever possessed weapons of mass destruction and how it is possible to fight a war that is not, by any conventional measure, a war at all.

Drawing on exclusive interviews with Donald Rumsfeld and General Tommy Franks, Keegan retraces the steps that led to the showdown in Iraq, from the highlights of Hussein’s murderous rule to the diplomatic crossfire that preceded the invasion. His account of the combat in the desert is unparalleled in its grasp of strategy and tactics. The result is an urgently needed and up-to-date book that adds immeasurably to our understanding of those twenty-one days of war and their long, uncertain aftermath.


Chapter 1: A Mysterious War

Chapter 2: Iraq Before Saddam

Chapter 3: Saddam Hussein

Chapter 4: Saddam’s Wars

Chapter 5: The Crisis of 2002–03

Chapter 6: The American War

Chapter 7: The British War

Chapter 8: The Fall of Baghdad

Chapter 9: The War’s Aftermath

IRAQ - Postscript 2005

Appendix 1 - Coalition Order of Battle

Appendix 2 - Reviewing the Iraq War with General Franks, 1 July 2003


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