Military history

This Kind of War

This Kind of War

History of the Korean War is a dramatic and hard-hitting account of the conflict written from the perspective of those who fought it. Partly drawn from official records, operations journals, and histories, it is based largely on the compelling personal narratives of the small-unit commanders and their troops. 

Part I: Beginning

Chapter 1. Seoul Saturday Night

Chapter 2. The Crime of Marquis Ito

Chapter 3. To Make a War…

Chapter 4. The Plan of General Chae

Chapter 5. Disaster

Chapter 6. The U.N. Cloak

Part II: Battle

Chapter 7. Task Force Smith

Chapter 8. The Late Company A

Chapter 9. Taejon

Chapter 10. Retreating

Chapter 11. Perimeter

Chapter 12. Fire Brigade

Chapter 13. Death on the Naktong

Chapter 14. The Turn of the Tide

Chapter 15. Seoul Recaptured

Chapter 16. Revenge

Chapter 17. The Taste of Triumph

Chapter 18. In the Never-Never Land

Chapter 19. Kunu-ri

Chapter 20. Into the Valley of Death

Chapter 21. Terror by Night

Chapter 22. Changjin Reservoir

Chapter 23. Chipyong-ni

Chapter 24. Vae, Caesar

Chapter 25. Proud Legions

Chapter 26. Gloster Hill

Chapter 27. Death Valley

Chapter 28. May Massacre

Part III: Blundering

Chapter 29. Truce Talks

Chapter 30. Bloody Ridge

Chapter 31. Heartbreak Ridge

Chapter 32. Stalemate

Chapter 33. Behind the Wire

Chapter 34. Frustration

Chapter 35. Koje-do

Chapter 36. Twenty Rolls of Toilet Paper, One Quart Mercurochrome

Chapter 37. Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall

Chapter 38. The Last Spring

Chapter 39. Cease-fire

Chapter 40. Lessons


Glossary of Principal Weapons

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