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Waffen-SS Panzers: Eastern Front

Waffen-SS Panzers: Eastern Front

During the closing years of World War II, the panzer divisions of the Waffen-SS fought a magnificent series of battles on the Eastern Front. Waffen-SS Panzers is an account of these battles and covers the period from the recapture of Kharkov in early 1943, when I SS Panzer Corps prevented the collapse of Army Group South, to the last desperate attempts to hold the Red Army before Berlin in 1945.

Chapter 1: Battle Group Peiper

Chapter 2: Waffen-SS – Panzer Élite

Chapter 3: Invasion Front

Chapter 4: Carnage at Caen

Chapter 5: Villers-Bocage

Chapter 6: Panzer Inferno

Chapter 7: “Make Peace You Fools”

Chapter 8: Blunting Goodwood

Chapter 9: Death or Glory

Chapter 10: Death of the Hitler Youth

Chapter 11: Falaise Kessel

Chapter 12: Flesh Against Steel

Chapter 13: Sixth Panzer Army

Chapter 14: Into the Ardennes

Chapter 15: Death Ride

Chapter 16: Last Actions


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