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Where the Iron Crosses Grow: The Crimea 1941–44

Where the Iron Crosses Grow: The Crimea 1941–44

When the Soviets fortified Sevastopol in 1941, it heralded the beginning of a period of intense fighting over the Crimea. In this remarkable work, acclaimed author Robert Forcyzk assembles new research to investigate the intense and barbaric fighting for the region in World War II, where first Soviet, and then German armies were surrounded and totally obliterated.

Now available in paperback, Forczyk's unique account provides a definitive analysis of the many unique characteristics of the conflict, exploring the historical context as it uncovers one of the most pivotal theaters of the Eastern Front during World War II.


Chapter 1. The Crimea Under the Hammer and Sickle, 1920–41

Chapter 2. The Onset of War, June–August 1941

Chapter 3. Across the Tatar Wall, September 1941

Chapter 4. The Ring Closes Around Sevastopol, November–December 1941

Chapter 5. Winter War, December 1941–March 1942

Chapter 6. The German Conquest, May–July 1942

Chapter 7. The German Occupation of the Crimea, 1942–44

Chapter 8. The Red Army Returns to the Crimea, 1943

Chapter 9. German Defeat in the Crimea, 1944

Chapter 10. Postscript, 2014


Appendix A: Dramatis personae

Appendix B: Comparative rank table

Appendix C: The Black Sea Fleet in June 1941

Appendix D: Coastal batteries at Sevastopol, 1921–42

Appendix E: Order of battle at Perekop, September 24, 1943

Appendix F: Soviet naval infantry units at Sevastopol, 1941

Appendix G: AOK 11 Heeresartillerie at Sevastopol, June 1942

Appendix H: Order of battle, Sevastopol, June 7, 1942

Appendix I: Order of battle, April 1944


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