Damaskinos, Archbishop, 1891-1949

After the Germans had been forced out of Greece, CHURCHILL and EDEN wanted to restore the monarchy in Greece. They were prevented from doing this because of intense fighting between left and right wing groups. After an armistice with EAM (Greek National Liberation Front Communists) had been negotiated in December 1944, they persuaded the King to delay his return until after a referendum had been held on the question of the monarchy. Damaskinos was the popular and neutral figure who was made Regent in the meantime. He had earned his popularity because he was a liberal and because of his resistance to the Germans. As Regent he was in a difficult position because he could not find a stable government and in October 1945 was forced to become his own Prime Minister since he could find no suitable candidate. However he successfully supervised the plebiscite which brought back King GEORGE II and Damaskinos resigned.

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