Eichmann, Adolf, 1906-1962

Eichmann was a German SS officer who was Head of the Gestapo’s Section IV BG, the Department of Jewish Affairs. After the Wannsee Conference (January 1942) it was decided to put into effect the final solution to exterminate all Jews. On 1 July 1943 Eichmann got the final decree signed by BORMANN which deprived Jews of all rights of appeal. Eichmann introduced the convoy systems to extermination camps and had gas chambers installed because they were the most efficient means of execution. Although a member of the SS he was known to have Jewish relations and probably had a Jewish mistress when he lived in Vienna. He disappeared in 1945 and went to South America and settled down in Buenos Aires. In 1960 he was discovered by Israeli agents and kidnapped. He was put on trial in Israel and in his defense said he was merely doing his job. He was found guilty and hanged.

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