Griswold, Major General Oscar, 1886-1954

Griswold was Commander of the US XIV Corps which fought in Guadalcanal, New Georgia and the Philippines. The XIV Corps took over on Guadalcanal after the toughest fighting was over and its task was to mop up the last resistance. In New Georgia its task was more one of containing Japanese troops; however in January 1945 the XIV Corps was in the front-line, fighting the Japanese in the reconquest of Luzon. Griswold was a cautious Commander who advanced slowly so that his flanks would remain secure. His Corps was involved in bitter fighting at Clark Field and at Manila, where Japanese naval troops fought a suicidal last stand to save the capital which lasted a month. Griswold’s men proceeded to the area east of Manila where members of the Japanese Shimbu group were holding out in caves. This was costly in casualties and the Corps was relieved on 14 March 1945 and sent south to clear the rest of Luzon.

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