Stettinius, Edward, 1900-1949

Stettinius was an American industrialist (Chairman of US Steel) who became a leading government adviser on industrial problems in a war economy and eventually became Secretary of State. He was first brought into government affairs as Chairman of the War Resources Board which investigated the industrial problems which would occur in case of war. In May 1940 he was made a member of the National Defense Advisory Commission and in January 1941 was made director of the Office of Production Management. From October 1941 to September 1943 Stettinius was special assistant to ROOSEVELT on matters concerning war production, allocation of raw materials and war economy. He was also a Lend-Lease administrator. In 1943 he was appointed Under-Secretary of State and was involved in Anglo- American negotiations in London in April 1944. He also helped organize the Dumbarton Oaks conference. In November 1944 Roosevelt appointed Stettinius Secretary of State to replace Cordell HULL. Stettinius remained in this position until July 1945 when he was replaced by BYRNES but he became the first US delegate to the United Nations, a body he worked with great diligence to promote.

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