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Travelling Heroes: Greeks and their myths in the epic age of Homer

Travelling Heroes: Greeks and their myths in the epic age of Homer

The tales of the ancient Greeks have inspired us for thousands of years. But where did they originate? Esteemed classicist Robin Lane Fox draws on a lifetime's knowledge of the ancient world, and on his own travels, to open up the age of Homer.

His acclaimed history explores how the intrepid seafarers of eighth-century Greece sailed around the Mediterranean, encountering strange new sights - volcanic mountains, vaporous springs, huge prehistoric bones - and weaving them into the myths of gods, monsters and heroes that would become the cornerstone of Western civilization: the Odyssey and the Iliad.


Part One - Hera’s Flight

Chapter 1. Hera’s Flight

Chapter 2. From China to Cadiz

Chapter 3. Travelling Heroes

Part Two - East and West

Chapter 4. Home and Away

Chapter 5. Travelling Settlers

Chapter 6. Up to Unqi

Chapter 7. Potamoi Karon

Chapter 8. Beyond Ithaca

Chapter 9. Monkey Islands

Chapter 10. Back on Euboea

Part Three - Travelling Myths

Chapter 11. Finding Neverland

Chapter 12. Lost in Translation

Chapter 13. A Travelling Prophet

Chapter 14. Travelling Lovers

Chapter 15. A Travelling Mountain

Chapter 16. The Great Castrator

Chapter 17. Travelling Monsters

Chapter 18. Base-camp to Battlefield

Part Four - Just So Stories

Chapter 19. Homeric Horizons

Chapter 20. The View from Ascra

Chapter 21. Just So Stories


The Dating of Homer



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