Delta 2601, MCO to LAX, 12:17 p.m.

Some of these can be hard to believe. I get it. I’m making claims. I’m telling stories about famous people, and you just have to… what? Believe it? Well, you don’t. I have photographic evidence of a lot of them.


This one here, you can’t really tell, but that’s Omarion—the R & B singer. I’m sitting right next to him. That’s him in the aisle seat. I know it just looks like a guy with a blanket over his head, but that’s what he did. We sat down and he put a blanket over his head. And he slept like that for the entire flight from Orlando to Los Angeles. I remember thinking, This is a clinically insane person. In retrospect, I really respect it. I’m a big, big fan of blackout curtains. What is better than sleeping in a pitch-black room? Well, that would be a cold, pitch-black room. I could sleep through the winter if no one would wake me. And yeah, a sleep mask is ideal in these situations, but if you don’t have one—improvise. Put a blanket over your head and check out. Big props to “O.”

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know that was Omarion, but a couple other people did. And then, when we had landed in LA, he did something I had never seen anybody do. As soon as we stepped off the plane and onto the jet bridge, he took a hoverboard out of his backpack and rode it up the jet bridge and through the airport to baggage claim. For real. It was the smoothest shit I’ve ever seen. It was one of the first ones I had ever seen—no, it might have actually been the first one I ever saw. I wasn’t entirely sure what was happening.

Is that dude floating with that? I need to get one of those… There’s no way I can afford one.

And he was an expert. No shaking or nervousness. He didn’t even need a moment to stabilize himself on it. He just put it down, stepped on, and went. It’s like he invented the hoverboard. (He didn’t. That was Shane Chen.) It was one of the slickest, most baller moves I’d ever witnessed, and I would try to do the same if I wasn’t 100 percent certain that I would suffer life-altering injuries within seconds of stepping on one.

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