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Richard III and The Princes In The Tower

Richard III and The Princes In The Tower

The story of the death, in sinister circumstances, of the boy-king Edward V and his younger brother Richard, Duke of York, is one of the most fascinating murder mysteries in English history. It is a tale with profound moral and social consequences, rich in drama, intrigue, treason, scandal and violence.

In this gripping book Alison Weir re-examines all the evidence - including that against the Princes' uncle, Richard III, whose body was recently discovered beneath a Leicester car park. She brilliantly reconstructs the whole chain of events leading to their murder and reveals how, why and by whose order they died.

Richard III: The Man and the Myth

Author’s Preface

Chapter 1. Richard III and the Chroniclers

Chapter 2. The Sanctuary Child

Chapter 3. Richard of Gloucester

Chapter 4. Clarence and the Wydvilles

Chapter 5. ‘Deadly Feuds and Factions’

Chapter 6. ‘Those of the Queen’s Blood’

Chapter 7. ‘An Innocent Lamb in the Hands of Wolves’

Chapter 8. The Lord Protector

Chapter 9. The Fall of Hastings

Chapter 10. ‘This Act of Usurpation’

Chapter 11. Richard III

Chapter 12. Conspiracies

Chapter 13. The Princes in the Tower

Chapter 14. The Wicked Uncle

Chapter 15. Rebellion

Chapter 16. An Especial Good Lord

Chapter 17. An Incestuous Passion

Chapter 18. A Dark Prince

Chapter 19. Pretenders

Chapter 20. Tyrell’s Confession

Chapter 21. The Skeletons in the Tower

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Genealogical Table: Lancaster and York

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