The prosecution cannot let Stokes’s version of the shooting go unchallenged, of course. Assistant District Attorney Garvin commences the cross-examination. “When did you purchase the pistol you had on this occasion?” he asks Stokes.

“I think about six months before the occurrence.”

“Do you recollect whether you bought more than one?”

“Only one. I bought another at this place previously.”

“Did you ever carry a pistol before one or the other of these two pistols?”

“No, I never carried a pistol until I became afraid of Fisk.”

“What kind of overcoat had you?”

“A light overcoat.”

“The one you generally wore?”

“I seldom wore it. It was a conspicuous overcoat. I got it more especially as I intended to go to Europe, and I thought it a good overcoat to go there with.”

“What kind of hat did you wear?”

“A black high hat.”

“Do you know who the lady was you went to see?”

“No, sir. I should think she was a guest of the hotel.”

“Did you ever ascertain what was her name?”

“No, sir.”

“Do you remember when you came to the head of the stairs seeing anybody there or in the hall leading to the dining room?”

“I remember a good many persons in the hall leading to the dining room.”

“You say that Redmond was on the stairs when the first shot was fired?”

“No, I thought Redmond was between the first and second door. I have an idea he saw me, because he described my having hands on the banisters. I recollected somebody going downstairs and out, and I had an idea it was him.”

“Had you ever been up those stairs before?”

“I had never been on the second floor of the Grand Central Hotel in my life.”

“Was any word spoken by Fisk?”

“No, sir.”

“By you?”

“All I said to him was ‘Don’t fire.’ ”

“You have a pretty clear recollection of everything that occurred until you got downstairs?”

“Yes, sir, although I was somewhat bewildered.”

“How far up the stairs had Fisk got when the firing took place?”

“He was on the first platform. As soon as he got on the platform he pulled his pistol out.”

“Did he fire?”

“I would not like to swear whether he fired his pistol or not. If he did, it was not pointed at me. I did not see him extend his arm at all.”

“You intended to shoot at that time?”

“Yes, sir.”

“And did shoot?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Did you know your pistol was loaded?”

“Yes, sir.”

“How lately had you loaded it?”

“Not since the time I bought it, six months before.”

“At the time you fired, you intended to hit Mr. Fisk?”

“Yes, sir.”

The district attorney, seeming happy that he has cast doubt on Stokes’s story—Did Stokes see a gun in Fisk’s hand or not? Was Redmond on the street or on the stairs? Was there really a woman who caused Stokes to enter the Grand Central?—lets the prisoner step down.

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