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The Queen: History In An Hour

The Queen: History In An Hour

Elizabeth II is the longest lived and, after Queen Victoria, second longest reigning monarch of the United Kingdom. From her coronation in 1953 to her Diamond Jubilee in 2012, Queen Elizabeth II has stood on the world stage as the figurehead for Britain.

Chapter 1: The House of Windsor

Chapter 2: An Uncommon Marriage

Chapter 3: An Idyllic Childhood

Chapter 4: The Death of ‘Grandpa England’

Chapter 5: Abdication: The Year of the Three Kings

Chapter 6: A Change of Address

Chapter 7: The Coronation of George VI

Chapter 8: A Queen in Training

Chapter 9: The Wartime Windsors

Chapter 10: A Secret Engagement

Chapter 11: The Final Farewell

Chapter 12: A Rocky Start

Chapter 13: Long Live the Queen!

Chapter 14: Settling into a Routine

Chapter 15: Changing Attitudes

Chapter 16: Triumph and Tragedy

Chapter 17: A Fairytale Princess?

Chapter 18: ‘Annus Horribilis’

Chapter 19: Monarchy in Crisis

Chapter 20: Elder Stateswoman

Appendix 1: Key People

Appendix 2: Timeline of Queen Elizabeth II

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