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Alcohol: A History

Alcohol: A History

Whether as wine, beer, or spirits, alcohol has had a constant and often controversial role in social life. In his innovative book on the attitudes toward and consumption of alcohol, Rod Phillips surveys a 9,000-year cultural and economic history, uncovering the tensions between alcoholic drinks as healthy staples of daily diets and as objects of social, political, and religious anxiety. In the urban centers of Europe and America, where it was seen as healthier than untreated water, alcohol gained a foothold as the drink of choice, but it has been more regulated by governmental and religious authorities more than any other commodity. As a potential source of social disruption, alcohol created volatile boundaries of acceptable and unacceptable consumption and broke through barriers of class, race, and gender.


Chapter 1. Alcohol in Ancient Worlds

Chapter 2. Greece and Rome

Chapter 3. Religion and Alcohol

Chapter 4. The Middle Ages 1000–1500

Chapter 5. Early Modern Europe 1500–1700

Chapter 6. Distilled Spirits 1500–1750

Chapter 7. European Alcohol in Contact 1500–1700

Chapter 8. Europe and America 1700–1800

Chapter 9. Alcohol and the City 1800–1900

Chapter 10. The Enemies of Alcohol 1830–1914

Chapter 11. Alcohol and Native Peoples 1800–1930

Chapter 12. The First World War 1914–1920

Chapter 13. Prohibitions 1910–1935

Chapter 14. After Prohibitions 1930–1945

Chapter 15. Alcohol in the Modern World



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