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Essays in Science

Essays in Science

It was once said that only twelve people in the world could understand Einstein's Theory of Relativity. That unfortunate situation began to change when Einstein published several of the papers and speeches contained in this book which explain the central core of the theory in clear and often beautiful language accessible to any interested reader.

In addition to lucid explications of both the Special and General theories, Einstein holds forth on the principles of research, the nature of scientific truth, and the method of theoretical physics. He also offers acute analyses and appreciation of the work of such giants as Johannes Kepler, Isaac Newton, Clerk Maxwell, and Niels Bohr.

Chapter 1. Principles of Research

Chapter 2. Inaugural Address to the Prussian Academy of Sciences

Chapter 3. On Scientific Truth

Chapter 4. On the Method of Theoretical Physics

Chapter 5. Johannes Kepler

Chapter 6. The Mechanics of Newton and Their Influence on the Development of Theoretical Physics

Chapter 7. Clerk Maxwell’s Influence on the Evolution of the Idea of Physical Reality

Chapter 8. Niels Bohr

Chapter 9. On the Theory of Relativity

Chapter 10. What Is the Theory of Relativity?

Chapter 11. The Problem of Space, Ether, and the Field in Physics

Chapter 12. Notes on the Origin of the General Theory of Relativity

Chapter 13. The Cause of the Formation of Meanders in the Courses of Rivers and of the So-Called Beer’s Law

Chapter 14. The Flettner Ship

Chapter 15. Relativity and the Ether

Chapter 16. Address at Columbia University

A Biography of Albert Einstein

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