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Song of Slaves in the Desert

Song of Slaves in the Desert

He has no history in the rice fields, no background in being a master. Plantations are as foreign to him as the African plain that birthed the slaves his uncle owns. Surely, though, he knows his own heart. She has no say in his decisions, his day, his life. She doesn't even have a say in her own. But when Nathaniel Pereira plunges into the murky mysteries of freedom and survival in the suffocating Southern heat, Liza can see how she might change her life forever.

Chapter 1: To the West!

Chapter 2: A Hebrew of New York

Chapter 3: In My Margins

Chapter 4: Boarding the Godbolt

Chapter 5: Passages

Chapter 6: A Line in the Water

Chapter 7: In My Margins

Chapter 8: The Auction

Chapter 9: Koulikoro

Chapter 10: This Charming City

Chapter 11: Tambacounda

Chapter 12: The Old Oak Plantation

Chapter 13: The Forest

Chapter 14: First Woman

Chapter 15: The Tour

Chapter 16: Taken

Chapter 17: In My Margins

Chapter 18: First Morning

Chapter 19: First Lesson

Chapter 20: Journey

Chapter 21: More to Learn

Chapter 22-23: More to Learn (2) - In My Margins

Chapter 24: The Passage

Chapter 25: Voices in My Ear

Chapter 26: The Pest House

Chapter 27-28: The First Sabbath - Voices in My Ear

Chapter 29: In My Margins

Chapter 30: The Second Sabbath

Chapter 31: The Promised Land

Chapter 32: Two Selections

Chapter 33: Straw into Brick

Chapter 34: Old Dou

Chapter 35: Rice and Blood

Chapter 36-37: Raven Dream - Voices in My Ear

Chapter 38: Old Dou and the Doctor in Consultation

Chapter 39: “Abraham Seixas”

Chapter 40: Study

Chapter 41: Half-light, Half-dark

Chapter 42: Man to Man

Chapter 43-44: Another Letter, Unsent - In My Margins

Chapter 45: Night-blooming Flower

Chapter 46: The Flood

Chapter 47: Is a Decision Near?

Chapter 48: Into the Maelstrom

Chapter 49-50: A Child Is Born, a Mother Departs - In My Margins

Chapter 51: Love in Town

Chapter 52: A Visitor (1)

Chapter 53: Introductory Lesson

Chapter 54: A Visitor (2)

Chapter 55-56: Days… - In My Margins

Chapter 57: …And Nights

Chapter 58: Beyond Words

Chapter 59: Dawn

Chapter 60: A Proposal

Chapter 61: The Stranger

Chapter 62: A Palimpsest

Chapter 63-64: Isaac - Voices in My Ear

Chapter 65-66: Stories - In My Margins

Chapter 67-68: Isaac’s New Plan - In My Margins

Chapter 69: Permission

Chapter 70: A Grain of Rice

Chapter 71-72: The Doctor Attends to Himself - Voices in My Ear

Chapter 73: A Meeting

Chapter 74: A Death

Chapter 75: The Other Way

Chapter 76: Moving into the Dark

Chapter 77: Darkness of the Dark

Chapter 78: Dark Tales by Light of Day

Chapter 79: The Jersey Boy’s Tale

Chapter 80: Swamp Vision

Chapter 81: Smoke in the Air

Chapter 82: Fire

Chapter 83: A Conflagration

Chapter 84: The Last Rising Sun

Chapter 85: Hurry, Run!

Chapter 86: Her Plan

Chapter 87: Eliza Stone (& Son)

Chapter 88: Eliza Stone (& Son) (cont.)

Chapter 89: Eliza Stone (& Son) (cont.)

Chapter 90: A Son Appears

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