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Sound, Music, Affect: Theorizing Sonic Experience

Sound, Music, Affect: Theorizing Sonic Experience

Sound, Music, Affect features brand new essays that bring together the burgeoning developments in sound studies and affect studies.

The first section sets out key methodological and theoretical concerns, focussing on the relationships between affective models and sound. The second section deals with particular musical case studies, exploring how reference to affect theory might change or reshape some of the ways we are able to make sense of musical materials. The third section examines the politics and practice of sonic disruption: from the notion of noise as 'prophecy', to the appropriation of 'bad vibes' for pleasurable aesthetic and affective experiences. And the final section engages with some of the ways in which affect can help us understand the politics of chill, relaxation and intimacy as sonic encounters.

The result is a rich and multifaceted consideration of sound, music and the affective, from scholars with backgrounds in cultural theory, history, literary studies, media studies, architecture, philosophy and musicology.

Introduction: Somewhere between the signifying and the sublime

Part One: Affective (re)thinking: Sound as affect and affect as sound

Chapter 1. Non-cochlear sound: On affect and exteriority

Chapter 2. Felt as thought (or, musical abstraction and the semblance of affect)

Chapter 3. My mother’s scream

Part Two: Hearing, playing, feeling: Music and the organization of affect

Chapter 4. So transported: Nina Simone, ‘My Sweet Lord’ and the (un)folding of affect

Chapter 5. (I can’t get no) affect

Chapter 6. Listening to the talking cure: Sprechstimme, hypnosis, and the sonic organization of affect

Part Three: Affects of turbulence

Chapter 7. Spread the Virus: Affective prophecy in industrial music

Chapter 8. Brace and embrace: Masochism in noise performance

Chapter 9. Three screams

Part Four: Palliative sounds and the marketing of affection

Chapter 10. Music for sleeping

Chapter 11. Relax, feel good, chill out: The affective distribution of classical music

Chapter 12. Quiet sounds and intimate listening: The politics of tiny seductions

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