Shortly after the Thanksgiving of the Tulip Emoji, the husband emails to make amends of a sort. He says he’s sorry for some of the things she wants him to be sorry for. In this email he also mentions that his relationship with the client has ended. He suggests that maybe the wife was right, that he should have taken time to be with himself in the first place, that he will do that now. He suggests that if she wants to know more about the breakup, he will tell her. She sends back a snarky No thank you, I already know what I need to know in reply. It does not please her that they have broken up. It pleases her some when people email her, unsolicited, people she doesn’t even know well, ranting about how awful a person the client is, using words she would never use. The anger her friends and even some acquaintances have for her husband now is an interesting thing. It makes sense. He hurt their friend. She would feel the same way about people who hurt them. She has anger. She’s so fucking angry. It’s not her favorite of the feelings. It could be of some use, it could even be appropriate, but she tends to have it for a minute and then it gets doused with tears.

So it does not please her to know that her husband and the client have broken up. It would please her if his girlfriend had never gone all out seducing her husband, it would please her for him to see that for what it was, it would please her if Don’t I get a say could sound as preposterous to him as it does to her, it would please her if this woman had never come to their town, it would please her if his girlfriend had been a sperm and an egg that never met, it would please her if they could travel back in time to before he took that job when he might have been willing to work with her on their marriage. This news, this does not please her.

A few days later she’s walking down 14th Street and says, out loud, to no one That fucker left me and he didn’t fucking stay with her for fucking forever?

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