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Strange Tales From The African Bush

Strange Tales From The African Bush

Hannes Wessels is one of the most talented writers that we at Safari Press have read in a long time. This former PH in Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe writes tales of hapless figures and derring-do gone wrong that will make you laugh out loud-a rarity in the cut-and-dry genre of big-game hunting. There is the story about a PH who wanted to impress the beautiful daughter of a client and landed up in the emergency room with a rifle barrel stuck up his posterior, and the story of a game warden who fell into a hollowed-out baobab tree on top of a sleeping leopard. This same unfortunate warden in a further misadventure is deprived of some of his very sensitive private parts during an elephant cull-probably just to prove that a run of bad luck does not necessarily have to end. Wessels also weighs in on his own experience when he tells of being seriously gored by a buffalo. Whether telling the story of rafting down an uncharted river to set up a new safari camp or highlighting the experiences of a PH such as Lew Games, you will find Wessels's stories so entertaining that you'll be sorry when the book ends.


Chapter 1. A Long Day in Masailand

Chapter 2. Strange Safari

Chapter 3. Magnificent Masson

Chapter 4. Falling on His Sword

Chapter 5. Cattle Killer

Chapter 6. Confounded Witch Doctor

Chapter 7. Holiday in Hell

Chapter 8. Life and Times of Frank Cooper

Chapter 9. Lew Games

Chapter 10. Poacher Forgiven

Chapter 11. The Adventures of Tommy Bosman

Chapter 12. Terror on the Zambezi

Chapter 13. “Paddlebum” and the Roughriders of the Rufiji River

Chapter 14. Custodian of the Grave

Chapter 15. “Gomez” Adams

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