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The Bloomsbury Companion to Plato

The Bloomsbury Companion to Plato

Plato, mathematician, philosopher and founder of the Academy in Athens, is, together with his teacher, Socrates, and his student, Aristotle, universally considered to have laid the foundations of Western philosophy. The Bloomsbury Companion to Plato provides a comprehensive and accessible study guide to Plato's thought.

Written by a team of leading experts in the field of ancient philosophy, this companion covers five major areas:

- Plato's life and his historical, philosophical and literary context.
- synopses of all the dialogues attributed to Plato.
- the most important features of the dialogues.
- the key themes and topics apparent in the dialogues.
- Plato's enduring influence and the various interpretative approaches applied to his thought throughout the history of philosophy.

Covering every aspect of Plato's thought in over 140 entries, The Bloomsbury Companion to Plato is an engaging introduction to Plato and an essential resource for anyone working in the field of ancient philosophy.


Chapter 1. Plato’s Life — Historical and Intellectual Context

Chapter 2. The Dialogues

Chapter 3. Important Features of the Dialogues

Chapter 4. Topics and Themes Treated in the Dialogues

Chapter 5. Later Reception, Interpretation and Influence of Plato and the Dialogues

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