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The Song of Troy

The Song of Troy

The tragic and terrible drama of the war between Greeks and Trojans, the long siege of Troy, and the impact of one woman's beauty on the fate of two nations, is played out again in this dazzling novel based on Homer's ILIAD.

Meet enchanting Helen, who we first encounter as a spoiled teenager and whose passion for the handsome, reckless Paris leads to the betrayal of her husband, King Menelaus, and the fall of the House of Troy. Powerful King Agamemnon with his terrifyingly ambitious wife Klytemnestra and his soothsaying mistress Kassandra. Odysseus, doomed to wander the Aegean for twenty long years; brave Achilles, who is haunted by the mad shade of his mother; the heroes Hektor and Ajax, and many more.

Chapter 1: Narrated by Priam

Chapter 2: Narrated by Peleus

Chapter 3: Narrated by Chiron

Chapter 4: Narrated by Helen

Chapter 5: Narrated by Paris

Chapter 6: Narrated by Helen

Chapter 7: Narrated by Hektor

Chapter 8: Narrated by Agamemnon

Chapter 9: Narrated by Achilles

Chapter 10: Narrated by Odysseus

Chapter 11: Narrated by Achilles

Chapter 12: Narrated by Agamemnon

Chapter 13: Narrated by Achilles

Chapter 14: Narrated by Odysseus

Chapter 15: Narrated by Diomedes

Chapter 16: Narrated by Helen

Chapter 17: Narrated by Patrokles

Chapter 18: Narrated by Achilles

Chapter 19: Narrated by Brise

Chapter 20: Narrated by Aineas

Chapter 21: Narrated by Agamemnon

Chapter 22: Narrated by Achilles

Chapter 23: Narrated by Hektor

Chapter 24: Narrated by Nestor

Chapter 25: Narrated by Odysseus

Chapter 26: Narrated by Hektor

Chapter 27: Narrated by Achilles

Chapter 28: Narrated by Automedon

Chapter 29: Narrated by Agamemnon

Chapter 30: Narrated by Helen

Chapter 31: Narrated by Diomedes

Chapter 32: Narrated by Priam

Chapter 33: Narrated by Neoptolemos

Epilogue: The Fates of Some Survivors

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