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10 Breakthrough Quotes about Education and the Power of Learning

Education is a powerful tool, which gives everyone a chance to grow, develop, and change. Undoubtedly, the power of learning has no limits, as far as it is the eternal source of knowledge, skills, and tools to become successful in any of the areas. This topic always makes people dwell upon the essence and value of learning. There are several quotes about the uniqueness of education and learning, which can inspire you to learn something new.

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“An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest” (Benjamin Franklin)

This quote by Benjamin Franklin underpins the importance of education for everyone. Thus, the best investment that people can do to improve life is a contribution to learning. If the person has a good education, it provides the chance to get various opportunities. Education means priceless skills and knowledge to take advantage of in the future.

Develop a Passion for Learning. If you Do, you will Never Cease to Grow (Anthony J. D’Angelo)

It is important to remember that education requires great dedication and involvement. Thus, the quote draws attention to the importance of learning with devotion to education. Undoubtedly, the desire to learn something is the source for the development and growth of personality. The learning will become a powerful tool only in the case if the person is passionate about it.

Education is a Better Safeguard of Liberty than a Standing Army (Edward Everett)

Quotes and proverbs are effective tools to apply due to their ability to underpin a certain idea. For instance, a quote is a useful device to use in academic writing, as far as it helps to make the text sound more sophisticated. A writing agency is a place where you can learn how to apply quotes successfully in your poem analysis essay. As for the quote by Edward Everett, it demonstrates the idea of great power provided by education. The essence of this quote is in highlighting the idea that learning is powerful as far as it opens any horizons. It is impossible to imagine a democratic society without free and affordable education. Hence, education is an inevitable constituent to maintain liberty.

I Can Only Say that I View it as the Most Important Subject which we as a People may be Engaged in (Abraham Lincoln)

The quote by Abraham Lincoln focuses on the significance of education for humanity. Engagement in learning is the best opportunity for people. Hence, a successful and developed society requires the unity of well-educated members who are ready to devote themselves to constant development through learning.

Learning is Like Rowing Upstream: Not to Advance is to Drop Back (Chinese proverb)

It is possible to compare the learning process with the rowing upstream, as far as it is about constant improvement. If someone is not involved in the process and does not have a passion for discovering something new, education will rather become a drawback than the advancement. Therefore, the learning process requires constant advancement and going ahead.

“Educating the Mind without Educating the Heart is No Education at All” (Aristotle)

This quote by Aristotle highlights the importance of devotion and passion for the learning process to take advantage of it. It is hard to take advantage of education without being involved in it. Educating the mind can be balanced with the great desire to develop and learn something new. Hence, successful learning should come from the heart to maintain the balance between mind and spirit.

Education is the Most Powerful Weapon which you Can Use to Change the World (Nelson Mandela)

The main essence of this quote is the power of education and learning for the humankind. Well-educated people with the desire to discover something new and develop as personalities can change the world. Education is the most powerful tool for changing the world, as far as there is no better weapon than a sharp mind and intelligence.

“Intelligence Plus Character - That is the Goal of True Education” (Martin Luther King Jr.)

Education is not only about getting new knowledge. The true significance of a good education is in the process of becoming a better version of oneself. A successful person requires charisma enforced by intelligence. Thus, the learning process can help to advance in different areas and improve the essential traits of character.

All Men by Nature Desire to Know (Aristotle)

The quote by a great philosopher also highlights the importance of education for the humankind, as far as it is similar to the natural need. People have the desire to know and learn something new in their nature. Thus, education helps to meet the needs and feel harmonized.

“Wisdom … . Comes not from Age, but from Education and Learning” (Anton Chekhov)

Many people think that wisdom is about the number of years the person lived. Otherwise, true wisdom is about the unity of knowledge, skills, and life experience. The importance of learning is in the process of becoming wiser and wiser through discovering new things and opening new horizons.

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