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10 Tips and Tricks for Better Essays

Your college is a place where you will need the essay writing skills that your instructors have been trying to impart to you since high school. Essays are a vital part of the academic requirements of all schools. So if you had a way of avoiding it in High school, you can’t for college. Or if you didn’t do well in essays while in High school, you can’t repeat that in college.

Your college grades directly impact your career, so you must master the art of essay writing. The good thing is you can get a college paper help around your college, but this doesn’t replace efforts on your part. You still have to learn what makes an essay tick and how you will be able to write quality essays.

After all, if you aren’t familiar with writing an essay, how will you truly appreciate their quality of work? So, if you want to learn these tips and tricks. Swipe up and read 10 tips to make your essay better.


Stay Whelmed

No one starts out loving essays or knowing how to write them. However, as cliche as this may sound, this is the first thing you need to do. When you go into panic mode before you write your essays, odds are you will write the worst essays ever. Your thoughts would be all over the place, and your writing would have no direction.

So, it’s just an essay, and you must convince yourself that it is something you can easily do.

Get into the Zone

When it comes to writing essays, confidence is crucial, and you must also learn to focus on what you can do. Fretting on the essay will not let you enter into the correct mental space you need to be in before writing essays.

When you have the confidence you need and stop fretting, you should leave places full of distractions. Get into a quiet zone that will allow you to think properly. The library could be helpful in this regard.

The Key is Research

The quality of your essay depends on the quality of your research. So, you must research adequately and efficiently, even if it is one of the most boring things you’ve ever done. Even if you chose your topic yourself, there’s a difference between reading to know and reading to reproduce. Reading to reproduce is more mentally tasking, and that’s what an essay needs.

Note your Sources

When you research, you come in contact with sources for the information you want to use in your article. A proper essay is the one that you properly reference. So, note your sources and be prepared to use them in your essay heavily. You will impress your reader when they see that you can back up the information you have provided in the essay.


If you want to cook, you follow a recipe for the meal. This allows you to draw out the maximum taste potential of that meal. When you don’t follow the recipe and follow your instincts with the meal you are cooking, you will find it doesn’t taste as good as when you have a recipe.

This logic applies to having an outline. An outline gives your writing structure and helps it become tidy as you can streamline your ideas. Your outline doesn’t have to be rigid. It is important that you maintain flexibility.


With your outline, you have a direction you are going to follow. Use your introduction to give people the reason you are writing the essay. To make the introduction exciting, use impressive sources to back it up and clearly transmit your ideas. Remember, don’t go into the body of the work. All you have to do is make the audience see why the essay is a necessity.

Let the Thesis Statement Bang

This thesis statement is the essence of your essay as it asks the question or makes the statement you want to explore in your article. This statement is what will give your reader the push they nee to read your article. It shows you have something to prove and that it is important that your reader reads the work to see how you are going to prove what you want to prove.

Your Body is for Analysis

Ensure that you use the body of your essay to analyze your thesis statement. This is where your sources come to play. Don’t think you are over-citing your authorities. We don’t even believe there is such a thing as over-sharing. Citing your references makes your work look more professional and believable.


Summarize your essay and round off. Highlight the possible issues you have noticed with what you are writing essays on and provide the recommendation.

Keep it Simple

Don’t complicate the structure of your essay and when you are writing, keep the English simple for your readers to understand.

Final Words

Writing essays is no hassle. You can do it, but you have to be confident that you can. Also, don’t panic about essays, as panicking won’t allow you to write well.

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