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7 Tips for Preparation for Exam

The obtaining of a college degree is an indispensable part of every student’s life. This period is not the easiest one due to the academic workload youngsters have to handle. The type of the exam depends on a college subject, and you must constantly keep in mind what is the exam look like. We’ve prepared seven tips that will make your preparation for the test easier and will help you to feel more relaxed and confident during the exam.


1) Try to anticipate the questions on topics your professor is likely to ask you.

Well, you are not a psychic and you probably cannot forecast the future. But you still have your notes, syllabus, and lectures from a past semester and your books. There are several common questions which are universal for every groundbreaking history event:

  • What happened?
  • When did it happen?
  • Why did it happen?
  • Why is it important?

Studying this way has a number of advantages. First of all, it will help you eliminate less relevant material from your studying. It would also help you see what you don’t know, because when you can’t answer these simple questions about, for example, a historical event, apparently you have a problem here.

2) Make identification cards

Following the previous tip, you may create the cards with the main information on four questions we have provided here. It would help you to revise it anytime as you probably won’t memorize it at heat and not to do double work for searching these important facts once again.

3) Learn facts quickly with a technique called “Spaced Repetition

It’s an effective and funny game with your brain which helps to memorize things for a long period with spacing out your studies. For this, you can use any of the electronic programs developed for spaced repetition technique practicing, which are plenty now in the great interwebs.

4) Organize a study group

Studying in groups with the like-minded persons will save you from lack of motivation when you are out of energy for learning things. Moreover, when you are learning on your own, you are always framed with your vision and your knowledge. Other person’s vision and questions may open a world for you which will prepare you for a sudden professor’s question during an exam.

5) Ask your professor for a help

Did you remark how clear can be the subject of a lecture with professional guidance and how lost you are when you open your notes at home? Depending on a subject, the studying may be quite difficult to settle some questions on your own. But before going to a professor, ask yourself “What is it that I don’t understand?” Don’t waste your teacher’s time if you can find the answer by yourself. You may prepare a list of the detrimental issues and ask your teacher for a minute of attention to make them clear. Believe, it’s like a breath of fresh air sometimes.

6) Avoid procrastination

Schedule your study hours and be strict with your plan. If you are not a first-year student, you can remember that several weeks before the exam are the toughest ones. You don’t have time to eat or meet your friends, all you are doing is studying, and this is exhausting and stressful. To avoid such situation, we would advise learners to start preparing a month before the due date and use some time-management tips.


7) Keep several days before the exam for revision

Try not to overload the days before the exam. Give yourself a rest and good sleeping. These days are the most efficient for revision and backup information.

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